Dec 12, 2012

Unique Website Traffic With Geo Targeted Content

Getting unique website traffic from a certain location is a dream of many website builders, and some of them are built just with a purpose to serve on geographic location. To get unique website traffic from one country, you need to optimize your website for the country or city of your choice. Follow the steps given below and you will see geo targeted web traffic flocking to your website.

Step 1: Geo targeted keyword research for unique web traffic

All SEO activities begin with keyword research, isn't it? Then why this should be different? Choose your favorite keyword tool and conduct the research for your web site. You have to follow the same pattern that you do normally, just add name of the city or country to the keywords that describe your business.

For Example:

If you are targeting computer repair market, and your keywords are:

Computer repair, cheap computer repair, computer maintenance services

Then your geo targeted keywords will be as follow:

Computer repair in New York, New York cheap computer repair, New York computer maintenance services

As you saw, I took New York as the geographic location from where we need unique web site traffic.

Step 2: Use the keyword in the content

This is very, very important. How do you use this geo targeted keyword in your content will decide if you get geo targeted unique website traffic or not.

Do not stuff your content with too many keywords, use proper one and write the article in such a way that the article or blog post should reflect the interest of target market. Do not write generic content. While writing, focus as tightly as you can on the geographic location you are targeting.

Step 3: Submit your website to Google Local

Google local is a nice tool to use, if you are targeting a specification location.

Step 4: Use Google Webmaster tool

You should also update the location of site in Google webmaster tool. This will inform Google of your location and ensure that you get unique website traffic from that location.

That's it. You are done.

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