Dec 12, 2012

The Power of Unique Content in a Blog

The Internet is overflowing with information. You can find information on almost any topic that you search for whenever you need it. Think of any subject you can possibly imagine, and there are probably a large number of web pages devoted to it. The real power behind the internet is the abundance of completely unique and useful information that is only a click or two away. It is unique content on your blog that is also the key to gaining more information-hungry visitors to your site.

When a search engine spider crawls your blog, it will quickly read over all of your blog updates and entries. It will then compare what you have written in your blog to the content of other blogs. If it finds that the content on your blog is the same or very similar to that of others, it may see your entries as less reputable, and thus less important to visitors looking for that information. This is because your content is not unique, but is a duplication of other content already published to the web.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo are all about returning relevant results for searchers. They want to include as many new web sites and web pages as they can containing useful and relevant content. To do this and still return relevant searches however, they need to see completely brand new content on web sites and blogs. That is why the major search engines tend to favor unique content over content that has already been published in more than one place.

An example of unique content would be when you sit down and write out a brand new post for your own personal blog. Since your blog is the only place on the internet where this content appears, it is considered unique content. It will be returned in the main search engines results rather than being relegated to the supplement index where it cannot be easily found.

There are other forms of content, such as private label rights (PLR) content and syndicated articles from article directories. PLR content and syndicated articles are great to use because it bulks up your website to appear larger and more useful your visitors. However, while this type of content may be useful for your readers, it will not usually improve your web site visibility in search engines, because it is not entirely new and unique.

Unique content in a blog is an absolute must if you want to improve your site rankings in search engine results. If you expect to get a reasonable amount of visitors, your blog should include unique content that is posted only on your blog and nowhere else online.

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