Dec 15, 2012

Create a Unique Selling Proposition to Increase Profits - Part 8 of 12

The next part of creating your USP is knowing the answer to this question. How do your best customers understand your business?

Your customers have a unique perspective on your business that you will never get from being an insider. They also have experience being a prospect of your business -- they know what it is like to choose to do business with you instead of your competitors. If you truly care about their well being and in that spirit you contact them and ask for and listen to their opinion, they will love to give it. In addition to the beneficial knowledge you'll receive, they'll feel validated as a customer and will likely come back to do more business with you.

The key to conducting these interviews with your customers is to truly care about what they have to say. And not be calling to sell them something. You need to just be getting their opinion -- because ultimately that will be hundreds of times more valuable than any sale you could make with them with this one contact. Take notes -- their answers are valuable.

To do this you'll want to call or otherwise contact your top 15 to 20 customers. These are the customers who spend the most money with you, or purchase the most frequently. Here's what to say to them:

"Hi, this is ______ from _______ company. This isn't a sales call. I was actually hoping you could help me out today. I'm calling to get your opinion about my business. I picked you out because you're one of my best customers -- and what you think matters to me. I have six quick questions that should take less than five minutes to answer. Would you be willing to give me your honest opinion?"

1. Are you satisfied with the service you have received from us?

2. Is there anything you would like to see us adjust or change to serve you better?

3. What was it that caused you to choose us?

4. Have you patronized any other businesses in this industry? If yes, why?

5. Do you have any crucial or obvious needs that are overlooked and not being taken care of by anyone in this business?

6. What would you say is unique or that separates us from other such businesses?

"That's it. Thank you again for your opinion today. And thank you for your business."

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