Dec 15, 2012

How to Give a Unique Wedding Speech

Giving a unique wedding speech is not as hard as it seems. You don't need to have public speaking experience in order to give a unique wedding speech. Not at all.

Some people say that public speaking is the same as giving a wedding speech or toast. I strongly disagree. In a public speech, you don't know anyone. On a wedding, you know almost EVERYONE (well, maybe not everyone but you surely know SOMEONE).

The first basic rule to giving an unique wedding speech is unique!

There are thousands of pre-written speeches on the internet. Don't use them as they are. If you take out the best of each one of them you can make your speech truly unique. That's an easy way though.

The harder way is to try to write the entire speech yourself. In that case you need to pay attention on several factors like:

- Greeting the most important people of the wedding, like the bride, groom, the Maid of honor, the best man...

- Showing your appreciation and wishing all the best to the couple

- Telling some interesting stories and anecdotes

- Giving an excellent toast at the end

This is simpler to say than do. On my Best man wedding speech [] page I have even more tips to share. However, we're here to help you deliver a truly unique speech so...

What's the ultimate rule to being unique?

It's about not being predictable. We all know what most speeches are...blah blah. What you need to do to make your speech truly unique is inserting your own CHARACTER in it. Say what you mean and say it with emotion. That's the only way to stand out of the crowd.

You have an excellent guide to unique wedding speeches on this website [] white I HIGHLY recommend. Instead of surfing the web for all types of wedding speech advices here you have it all from an expert. Enjoy!

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