Nov 27, 2012

What is Unique Content?

Many Internet Marketers agree and it is generally a widely accepted fact that content on a website isn't the actual king, however unique content is. As a Internet Marketer or blogger you want (and possibly need) a constant, ever growing stream of traffic to your site. The best way to ensure that your website is regarded as a high-quality site is to constantly provide high-quality unique content.

If your aim is to rank high in search engines such as like Google, Yahoo and Bing and have a somewhat dominating presence online, you need to ensure that the content contained on your website or blog are unique. Of course, they also need to be of a high quality, informative and provide value to the reader. While ensuring that you are providing high quality unique content, you should always keep Search Engine Optimization in the back of your mind - after all creating unique content is made so much better by employing On-Page SEO techniques. The secret to producing unique content is spending some time brainstorming. While brainstorming your next article consider the following:

What you would like to cover in your article
What primary keyword you would like to target
How would you like to break-up the article (Introduction, Body, Conclusion)

Of course, you can always look at outsourcing content writing and if you provide clear instructions the articles that are produced by many content writers are not only unique but also high-quality.

Unique Content Checker - Copyscape

While we do our best to write up unique content for use on our own websites, there are those unfortunate few who copy our content, almost word-for-word and use it on their own websites. Whether it is because they are lazy, cannot write up high quality content or cannot afford a content writer, these people who use your content benefit from it.

A great online tool to check for other occurrences of content that resides on your website or blog is Copyscape. Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service that checks whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the Internet. You basically type in a URL of where the original content resides and Copyscape returns a list of web pages that contain similar text to all or parts of the content. While Copyscape will not stop others from using your content, there are different banners available which you can host on your website to offer some level of deterrent.

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