Nov 27, 2012

How Unique is Unique When Selecting Wedding Invitations?

The word unique can be left to interpretation is most settings. For some people, the definition carries little meaning, whereas for others, it is the height of all their motivations. When selecting invitations for a monumental event like a wedding, it pays to choose stationery that is like no other. However, how can you ensure that your wedding invitations are truly unique?

Cookie cutter wedding invitations are a dime a dozen and can be found everywhere. Why not take it a step further and guarantee the cards that you pick out are one-of-a-kind creations that need no explaining?

Wedding Invitations with Flair

Many brides fall victim to choosing unique invitations based upon trends, but this will cause your stationery to look too common. How many invitations have you seen featuring hearts and doves, or perhaps using even the quintessential brown and pink or brown and baby blue color palates? Instead, there are some characteristics that wedding stationery must possess in order for it to be deemed unusual and unique.

Unique wedding invitations are printed on a variety of styles of paper. Embedded with seeds that can be planted upon disposal of the card, handmade stationery is a hit among environmentally conscious individuals. Those wanting a more traditional look can select shorn linen papers. Corrugated stock makes invitations modern and even gives them an urban feel.

Adorned with tiny embellishments like beads, buttons, miniature playing cards, seashells, foreign coins, beautiful ribbons, and pieces of fabric, amazing stationery tells a story before the details regarding the ceremony is revealed. Guests open up the elaborate cards and marvel at the detail and time put into each and every invitation.

Details Set Unique Wedding Stationery Apart

A splash of color can set extraordinary stationery apart. Like a hardware store's paint section, different shades can be created by mixing one or two colors together. Choose hues that compliment your wedding theme. For example, bright pink invitations with black overtones can be ultra feminine and classy at the same time.

Finishing touches can include hand scribed calligraphy, wax seals, embossed images, monograms, superimposed photographs, and retro images. For stationery that is truly unique, different combinations of techniques can be used to create an unforgettable card that is like no other.

Where to Find the Right Kind of Invite for You

One-of-a-kind wedding invitations can be created by hand or printed off the computer. A couple can use a variety of techniques to make their design shine. Fabric envelopes are easy to create if an individual possesses basic sewing skills. Slipped inside the cover, the beautiful invitations can be mailed out in regular envelopes to insure their timely delivery.

Photo postcards can be created using a picture from your archive and sticky paper. No envelope is necessary. Simply address the card, put on a stamp on it, and send it out through the mail. Your guests will love having a picture of you prior to your wedding day.

Embrace your individuality and design a unique set of wedding invitations for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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