Nov 29, 2012

Unique Gifts Mean Lasting Memories

Don't hold back, just be unique

The idea of a finding a unique gift is seductive. If you think about it.

Why have you even had the thought, "I'll do something unique"?

Because you know in you heart it will have impact and will express part of what you feel for this person. You care and what it to be special.


In order to be unique and select a unique gift takes focus, imagination, time, stealth, and help. These are things within your sphere of influence.

You are in charge of these.


Stop and give yourself permission to be unique. It doesn't take long. In short, you've given birth to an idea; it's now alive! Nurture it.


The spark announcing you are thinking of being unique with your gift selection is a golden moment. When that thought pops into mind....acknowledge it, say "Yeah! I'll do that!"

It's not so much the imagination as it is the recognizing the desire to act uniquely and following thorough with it.


A simple idea registered and acted upon can take seconds to carry out. Yes, seconds. You know your time frame, choose something quickly, that feels right. Then gauge the response when you give it. My most cherished gifts from my daughter are made of things we collect on our travels: post cards, coasters, rocks, leaves, shells; simple stuff that she "packages" and gives to her Dad. It's a great approach and totally unique - every time. She's a very busy pre-schooler and has no time at all to spare. Yet her approach is to use what's at hand and just do it! Adults can do this too!


Always necessary in the unique gift giving game. Being sneaky keeps the cat in the bag and allows you to get an added thrill as you know and they don't. It also helps you check if you are on track or off. Keep it close, keep it quiet and keep it cool.


Say this phrase: "I do not have to do this ALL by myself" Feel better? Thought so. Get others involved...Asking unlocks the doors of other worlds

The idea will usually hit you in a flash. You see something like "Personalized Newspapers" - imagine your own dates, headlines and photos all reproduced on paper. Visually superb! It works and is FOREVER. Think about that. Forever. That's unique!

Or perhaps for those that have it all or not very much....turn the common place into something unique.

Take something that is routine and build around it the whole notion of something unique. The experience then becomes the unique gift.

On holiday last year I needed a hair cut. I'm very fussy. So I visited two salons and selected what I thought was a better fit for me. The service I got was outstanding: A drink of tea, some fruit, a magazine of my choice (not dog eared), a complimentary wash, positive intelligent chat.... this person made me feel important and the business she represented gave her license to express herself with the customers.

It was the best hair cutting experience I have ever had, bar none! It was superb. And...I wanted to share that experience with my family and friends. Here's the thing: I would have paid the same at the other salon. But I found -- more by luck than anything else -- something I could get enthusiastic about and share.

So, where's the unique gift you ask? I booked my Mum in there and then for a hair styling on her birthday with that same person knowing that she would be looked after. I told the store, the hair dresser in question, ordered some flowers for my Mum when she arrived and had the bill taken care of.

There's a unique gift!

Take something common and flip it about a bit.


So, celebrate your uniqueness by diving right in! The water's fine...if you consider some simple steps. Will every unique gift idea work?.No!! But now you're in the unique gift groove you can re-cycle your ideas and use the same process to work out other unique gifts.


Neal Lohse is the author of Best Birthday Party

He describes himself is a Happy Person, Loving Spouse, Cool-Dad, Business Coach, Author, Corporate Philosopher, Event Designer, Education Facilitator, cook-washer-cleaner ...and is in love with a mountain-bike and a pair hiking boots.

The planning tips and suggestions come from his personal and working experience.

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