Nov 29, 2012

A Warm Hug For Baby - Unique Baby Shower Gifts

If you are looking for unique baby shower gifts, the gift of warmth, or more specifically, the gift of warm clothing, baby wipes, diapers and more is one of the most unique new baby gift ideas you can give.

The most precious thing in the world to new parents is their newborn child. And naturally they want to do everything thing they can to keep their baby happy, healthy and comfortable. With the unique new baby gift of a Baby Clothing Warmer, parents can keep their baby warm and comfortable when the temperature starts to turn cold.

Never heard of a Baby Clothing Warmer? This attractive temperature controlled electric warming fleece bag heats items placed inside it in 10 - 15 minutes. They are new to the market, so you will be giving one of the most unique baby shower gifts you could find, something the mom to be won't be receiving from anyone else, and a baby gift she is sure to appreciate.

When she pulls a warm towel out of the Warmer to wrap around her baby after a bath it will be just like giving a comforting hug, and putting on warm pajamas, diapers and clothes will be a soothing and comforting sensation for her young child. Baby wipes are notoriously cold when pulled out of the package, but they too can be kept warm in a Baby Clothing Warmer, putting an end to the sudden chill when attending to the little one's diapering.

A warm blanket feels wonderful to wrap around the newborn in chilly weather. When your friend or relative receives a Baby Clothing Warmer from you there will be no more trying to warm items in the microwave or dryer, a costly and inefficient way to try and warm items. With this unique baby gift they can easily have any item warm and ready for their baby in minutes. Just put the item to be warmed in the Warming Bag, turn on the switch and soon the items are toasty warm.

Young mothers love using the Baby Clothing Warmer to warm all types of baby clothing, including pajamas, socks, mittens, hats and more, along with warming lotion to sooth on baby's delicate skin. It gives them an added feeling of security and nurturing as they tend to their child, and they can also enjoy warming items for themselves too, using it as a pajama warmer or for other items such as socks, slippers, lingerie, towels, massage lotions and oils.

A Baby Clothing Warmer is certainly one of most thoughtful and unique baby shower gifts you can give, so if you would like to give a gift that's sure to be loved and in constant use, you can find out more about this unique baby gift by visiting

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