Nov 29, 2012

How To Find That Unique Gift For Your Woman

She is unique; there's no one quite like her. So her gift has to be unique too, right? The problem is that the unique gift is so elusive! After scouring high and low, you actually begin to wonder. Does the unique gift actually exist?

The answer is yes, and no! Yes, because it is up to you to make a gift unique. And, no, because if it was being advertised on the Net or elsewhere, it really wouldn't qualify as unique! So, don't waste your time and energy hunting for a unique gift. Instead, try and find a present that is really, really special to her. She'll get the message.

If not a unique gift, then what?

The best way to go about making your woman feel special (or unique) is to go that extra mile in selecting a gift especially for her. Trust me, when a woman realises that you have really taken time and effort to find the right gift for her, she'll be far more flattered than if you presented her with the rarest trinket.

Getting ideas for a 'unique' gift

When you decide to get a unique gift for this special someone, first find out what sort of a person she is. This translates into knowing what her interests, ambitions, personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, friends, passions, work and so on are. Better still, make a list to aid you in your endeavour. This is where your gift ideas will come from.

Keep these three things in mind:

• Choose a gift theme that reflects her interests, passions, ambitions, etc. For example, is she passionate about travelling, gardening, or cooking?
• Buy a gift that is theme-appropriate
• Exceed her expectations - sweep her off her feet with your insight and perceptions of what really thrills her or touches her deeply

So, carrying forward the above example, if she loves to travel, and has always wanted to scuba dive, your unique gift for her would be a trip to the Seychelles with scuba diving lessons included!

The one ingredient you need to make a gift unique - imagination!

Yes, with just a little imagination and thoughtfulness, you can customise an off-the-shelf gift to make it truly unique.

Just run yourself quickly through this inventory:

1. Is there something that she has always wanted to do?
2. Does she have any interests that you could easily include in a trip or experience?
3. Is she a huge fan of a particular rock star, band or pop group?
4. Is there a place she has always wanted to visit or revisit?
5. Think carefully. Did she mention or show an unusual interest in anything recently? It could have been a hint!

Put on your creative cap and think of the many ways in which you can combine some of the answers to come up with a gift that is truly unique! For example, she may have been longing to visit Paris; but if you surprise her with a live performance of her favourite band while you're there, she'll be over the moon! That's unique.

Former journalist Daya is a creative writer working for the UK gift industry. Her forte is wedding anniversaries, romantic occasions, the tricky etiquettes involved in relationships and romance, and most of all, gift giving - that sabre-toothed monster that brings most men to their knees! See Daya's top picks for more women's gift ideas to please the most discerning of women. Daya also offers you a wide range of ideas for her presents, from pampering and beauty gifts to chic style accessories and much else.

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