Nov 30, 2012

How to Make Online Profits With PLR Products by Creating Unique Web Content

Today, because of the internet and on-line information products, it's perfectly possible that a small niche opportunity can be the beginning of a great business, Part of the skill you'll learn as you go along is in knowing which niche opportunity to invest time and effort into. The other part is in having unique, "available only from you" content that your target market will really want and be prepared to spend money to have, but where do you start?

To begin with, you most likely don't have your own unique product and purchasing the rights to a "made only for you" package can be expensive. One option is the use of Private Label Rights (PLR) material but let's be straight from the start, you should never offer PLR content in its "straight out of the tin" format. All that happens is that you (and perhaps dozens of others) end up offering the same dull content to your audience. What you need is some method to create the unique, "available only from you" content that you really want.

Find a market first, and then create your unique niche product that satisfies demand.

The mistake that all new marketers make is to start with a product that they think is great and then try to find a market to sell to. The correct approach, though it often seems "back to front" is to find your market and then find a product to sell to this group of potential customers that addresses a known or imagined problem. So the first thing we need to do is do is identify an actual or imagined problem that people wish to cure.

The problem itself does not necessarily have to be a "real" problem in the sense that it is an actual physical affliction. It is merely enough that our potential market worries about it being a problem. They may consider that their life would be so much better if only they could speak a foreign language, or could somehow get rid of unsightly (to them) facial hair. Other people may look at them a see nothing wrong at all; but to them they have a real problem that they want us to help cure.

What do people most want to have; or to avoid?

It has often been said that people will really only move in one of two ways and that is either "Toward a pleasure" or alternatively, "Away from a pain". The pleasure can be any desired objective and can be physical or emotional, for instance; a new car, learning a foreign language, an exotic holiday or a promotion at work, etc. Also, the pain can be any real or imagined problem they have such as bad breath, mounting debts, can't get a date with that really attractive girl or boy, etc. Personally, I always feel that any solution is much more motivational when you present it in the "moving toward the pleasure" scenario. It always seems so much easier to implement something positive rather than trying to avoid a negative.

Anyway, if you can find a unique solution that helps people to find "their" pleasure or avoid the pain; you'll have a winning info product, but the content must be new and fresh.

Create the unique content that solves people's problems and helps them to achieve the pleasure or avoid the pain.

As we mentioned before, PLR material should never be offered in its "straight out of the tin" format. That however doesn't mean that we can't use them to create our very own, unique, "solving that special problem" type of info product. If you're not a particularly gifted writer it is often a much more straightforward approach to find a PLR product in your niche area and rewrite the package to offer to your chosen market than it is to create a product from scratch.

By purchasing the license to one, or more, products we can rewrite them, change the title, edit them, add bits from different packages together, change them any way we want, place new covers on the front, add our own graphics, etc. - in short we should turn them from boring old "everyone has the same product" into a problem solving solution that is uniquely ours. In this way, we create a new product by having rewritten one or more previous packages that were written in a very general way.

By following this overall outline, we can create web content that will offer valuable information to our customers and, at the same time, be unique and fresh. will show you how you can create unique web content from PLR products with 6 videos giving over 90 minutes of detailed "how it's all done" inside secrets. In addition, there's an exclusive audio session that explains the various aspects of creating unique content from PLR products.

In addition to being able to create your own unique web content, this offer includes complete Master Resell Rights to both the video and audio product content at no extra cost to you.

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