Nov 29, 2012

Unique Clocks Make Memorable Gifts

Unique gifts are not easy to find and unique clocks are ideal. If you are really stuck for ideas for gifts, how about something that lasts the passage of time? In fact, how about something that measures the passage of time? How about a clock or watch? How about something unique in timepieces?

There is a very wide variety of clocks and watches available, and for such a gift to work it has to be something unusual and unique. Most people cannot afford the high prices of the top makes of clocks and watches for incidental gifts, and would welcome relative low priced (less than $100) simple gifts that are unique and that are unlikely to be given by anyone else. There is nothing worse than giving a gift and being informed that somebody else has just given the same!

Were that to happen to me I would hide the fact and let each person believe that their gift was unique. However, many people are less considerate or thoughtful, and so you should seek a gift that is unlikely to be given by anybody else. It is not always easy to find a source of such items, but clocks are an example of gifts that can be produced in virtually any design. Watches are the same, although if not of a top make, it has to be of a unique design.

Most people do not have a clock in their bathroom, and they often lie there wondering how long they have been there for. After all, who wears their watch in the bath? OK smart Alec, we can't all afford 100 mile deep diver's watches! Most of us have no way of telling the time when in the bath. How about a bathroom clock in the shape of a bath for an unusual housewarming gift?

Don't give it for a birthday or Christmas since people don't appreciate clocks then, but a housewarming . . . Or even as a moving home gift. Anything like that will do. You can even give it as an engagement gift. If you don't fancy the idea of a clock shaped like a bath, then how about a wall clock with a fish or seashell motif?

If that doesn't ring your bell, how about a moving sculpture timepiece. In the shape of pyramids or cubes, the various solid pieces that make up the clock rotate and indicate the time in a unique way. Every three hours or so they will make up a perfect pyramid or square, but still tell the time in between. These are truly unique and would make a great gift for a teenager or somebody that likes gadgets.

For those who find it difficult to waken in the morning you can get these traditional design two-bell alarm clocks that I just love. No problem with these not waking you up, and you get a real bell, not just an insignificant electronic buzz. These things are really LOUD. Not as loud perhaps as the Harley Davidson clocks though. Get one of those and you will hear a different genuine Harley Davidson engine sound every hour. Great gift for the bikers, and the kids will love a clock that moos like a cow. Yes, you get these too.

If you want to give something smaller and more personal how about US military watch. There is a large variety of these available, including US army, navy and coastguard watches and you can get them for both men and women. These are very useful gifts and even the children would love one.

My favourite, though is a novelty clock. It is a tilting LCD alarm clock that I can set for any time of the day, and can tilt it to any angle. Modern and stylish, it can be used in any room in the house where it will blend in with any d├ęcor. However, just as attractive is a magnetic executive desk clock. If you have nowhere to put your paperclips, it has a magnetic base to which they can be attached.

Unique clocks do indeed make unique gifts, and they are gifts that will be truly appreciated. So next time you are stuck for a special gift check out some of the unusual clocks that are available online at very good prices. You can't go wrong!

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