Nov 14, 2012

How Strange Can a Car Really Get?

For most of us, we have all seen some sites in our lives that strike us as being really strange. One of the most intriguing strange sites is that of a really weird car. A good example of this is the heist and if you want to see one of these all you have to do is pay a visit to the lumberyards in the Pacific Northwest. Actually they're not really a car they as they replace the forklift but they have a resemblance of a strange car.

It seems that creative people always want to come up with something new and unusual. Some time ago, if you had paid a visit to one of the fairgrounds in the states you would've seen a wonderful site when it comes to the unusual. An old bus was a little bit more unusual because it had a VW van body anchored to the top of it. One has to admit that this is creative and certainly is one strange car.

Talking about weird cars, we really can't leave out the international pickup car that was once seen in a July parade. It's an ongoing intriguing piece of creativity. Basically, it is covered in memorabilia from various Nevada casinos and if it has been in the casino then more than likely, you are going to see it on this strange car.

If one were to travel around the world there is no doubt that in almost every major city, one could find at least one strange looking car. One of the things that have to be remembered though is that each country and city has regulations as to what can and cannot be put on a vehicle. Some countries are more liberal than others are. Obviously, we can see by some of the vehicles that we have talked about.

One of the inspirations for making these weird vehicles simply comes down to not wanting to put the money into the vehicle to refurbish it and yet it still has some great features like running well. It's just the looks that are so bad and so rather than go to the big expense of having it painted and restored why not just add some creativity and artwork to it. Those that have already done this are really quite proud of their handiwork. . We must admit they really are an attention getter. Perhaps if this type of artisanship became popular it would qualify to be in a whole category of artistic endeavors on its own.

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