Nov 14, 2012

Take Care of Your Strange Ringtones

It was a weekend, my friends and I all gathered at a tea house to discuss what had happened in the whole week. Suddenly, we heard a loud and sharp scream in the corner of the teahouse. Everyone was shocked and thought there must be something strange happened. We followed the sound and saw two boys dressed like students were holding their cell phones and laughed at us. It was really both funny and annoying: the loud and sharp scream came out to be a strange ringtone from their cell phones. We don't know how to say.

We criticized the two boys and went on with our discussion. By then, the topic of the discussion became focused on the strange ringtones. "It was terrible. it really waste our time and feelings. And it seems that these strange ringtones are more and more popular. Last week, I went into an elevator, and suddenly, everyone heard a loud sound of fart, it was embarrassed, a few seconds later, a young man got a cell phone out from his pocket and answered a phone, then we all knew that was just a ringtone. It will be more terrible if that boy was dating a girl when the ringtone rang. It was the first time I met with such situation, the strange ringtones came into my life from that time on."

Nowadays, young men like the strange ringtones to show out their unique and personalize characters. With this trend, more and more strange ringtones appeared, such like: scream, sneer, alarm, gnarr.... Any way, we cannot criticize the ringtones themselves, it is a culture that we should give respect to too. What we need to do is to tell the boys and girls who use these strange ringtones to take care of their ringtones, in some special occasions, these ringtones may not proper and even bring trouble to others.

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