Nov 14, 2012

Strange Hobbies That People Have

People often have similar interests but there are some people who really have strange hobbies and you would be shocked to know that. Yes, hobbies depict one's personality and one's status of mind. In other words, these pastimes portray one's mentality. Generally, people have different types of recreational activities which include stamp collection, flowers, photo collection, coin collection, etc. However, there are some people who have strange and eccentric hobbies such as skull collection, shoe collection, etc. Some of the following hobbies are very uncommon and ostrange.

Skull Collection:

People from medical backgrounds often are obsessed with anatomy of human body. I know some people who have skull collections and that too, real skulls straight from the graveyard. However, some laws restrict this practice but sme people smuggle this and keep them in their closets. Yes, it is true that they have psychotic disorders and some people are nymphomaniacs and do not wish to part away with their obsession

Shoe Collection:

Some men seem to be obsessed with female feet and they have foot fetishes. Similarly, these people have strange hobbies of collecting women's shoes and sandals, maybe to satiate their lustful desires or unknown and eccentric fantasies. Shoe collection is one of the strange hobbies that many men do in many parts of the world. Some men seem to collect nail paints and figurines of anklets


Figurines and sculptures play a crucial role in hobbies. It is, however, true that statues and sculptures look very enticing and beautiful but when they do not have heads, or hands or legs, or any deformation is present, then the whole situation looks obscured. For the world, this might sound absurd but for some people, this is one of the best things in their lives and they just want to be in it by loving these things, no matter what. Some people have a habit of collecting figurines which have no face or eyes or even a head as a whole and some like to keep with head and without limbs

Broken Pens:

Pen collection is very common but when people collect broken and unwanted pens, this is something very strange. Some people have a habit of collecting strange and ugly pens, which is actually strange and most of the people do not even think of it

Bone Collection:

Bone collecting is an age-old fashion and hobby, which still can be found in various parts of Africa, Tanzania, and India. People who are from tribal background often collect bones, animal bones and dead human bones. These people do not have any psychotic disorders but they just want to collect as their hobbies. Today, however, this practice is uncommon in modern world but people seem to be obsessed with these bones and they keep collecting


Some people collect nails. Does this sound strange? Yes it is but it is really true and it is a fact that people cut nails and keep them. Some people even grow nails because they love nails. This is one of the strange hobbies.

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