May 8, 2012

You and New World Order...!!

My Question is Why today we do not hear about Inventions.. why do we dont see Einstine today...?

Wikipedia defines New World Order as"In conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government"

In order to understand this secret theory we need to understand the basic fundamental of life. In text book language the basics can be defined as Maslow Hierarchy law starting from physiological needs, safety needs, love, esteem, self actualization.. this is what the world know and is taught to you.

In the theory of New world order the needs are defined as power, supremacy, "materialistic emotion", the the great "I" Theory instead of "WE" theory.The driving factor behind this theory was GOLD

It started from after the medivial period when british empire was expanding its horizons from east to west, north to south. since gold was the most valuable thing from the times so the enlighted minds gave advices to the then kings to exchange golds in lieu of something which is easy for the general public to carry and the answer was money, paper notes. Now the theory was to become richer than the riches so this was the medium to attain the richness for one of the greatest minds of that times.

People deposited gold in collection centers now called(Banks) and in return were given paper notes, to be specific GBP which was widely accepted world wide because of the supremacy of the british empire. To cut the story short - Now these socities were the largest reservoirs of GOLD in the world as a result they invested the gold in wars and then gain benefits from the wars, everything was planned, the war location, the war issue, the number of persons to be killed, amount of destruction, amount of casualties and then these casualities acted as a matrix for determining the profit from war. Now since they were the financial backbone for the army, wars so they gained their supremacy over the world and the government of those countries acted nothing more than puppet for these war money lenders.

What all I have illustraited you was the history and how these socities gained control over the world.

What is the objective now in 21st century

To add on in 21st century we have one more jewel which made their place strong that was "OIL" today in 21st centure these secret socities consists of top country officials, religious leaders, christianity, islam, hinduism,and the most prominent among these secret socities is Judaism. thes founders of these socities were from Judaism. Today these socities own world largest media channels, news channels, entertainment industry, the motive is to stop the thinking process of the en-masse and to show them the path of thinking which have already been set by them. The news today are not the original news that you see but are thet news which have been filtered by them, music industry today is blocking the thinking and motivating the man to be involved in entertainment rather than to be involved in human way to see the world.. The latest is the bio chips upon which will be induced in human skin and wil keep a track of all the activities of that human... so indirectly we are serving these invisible and invincible lords who control us and our race....

Now coming on to the motive....of the new world order.. A world with one government ruled with one law, one culture and One Man...... are we trying to take the world in time of Alexander the great...??? or King Ashoka time where one man will rule over the entire human kind....

The motives are dangerous.. and yet intresting .. Its for you to decide ... what to follow.... The motive of my writing is to only let you know and think that world is beautiful, think think and think for yourself, human society and come to world of jesus, moses, mohammad and krishna. Think about them, think about this world and think about YOU, YOUR family and YOUR RACE and HUMANITY...

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