May 8, 2012

GN World Earphone Profession Market Leader

At present, big north group's ear wheat banking department - - GN Netcom and GN Mobile, in more than 30 national development service, its product have retailed the mesh point through more than 80000 and specially sells the channel to sell in distant markets to the world more than 80 countries.

From starts as the call center's special-purpose product, earphone's development changes with each new day. Along with the time advance, the earphone already became the fixed-line telephone and mobile phone's standard equipment, proliferates in the world's the family and the work place. It is estimated that in the present whole world's expense class earphone market, the GN Mobile yearly rate surpasses 50%. At the same time, under main attack commercial earphone market's GN Netcom lead, GN surpasses 25% yearly rate to grow rapidly.

GN president concurrently chief executive officer Jorn Kildegaard said: -although this market has filled the innovation and the intense price competition, but we already proved today, Danish Corporation can also become the market leader. Can obtain the leading position in this expanding market, I want the sincerity to thank us the staff.-

GN made so arrogant person's progress, the 1990s's a series of purchase has lasting achievements. GN has consolidated its achievement world second status, from now on; the world earphone market will dominate by two big giants. GN promoted in the world the first section to move the blue tooth earphone, it was at that time in the market one of unusual several model of blue tooth products. After diligently, GN relies on GN Mobile the Jabra brand and to the OEM customer sale, grows rapidly in the short several years to move the earphone(earphones china) domain the leading manufacturer.

Along with the GN Netcom development, the GN business scope already expanded to the commercial earphone market. At first, the GN wireless product only occupies the very small share in the global earphone market: Only accounts for the GN complete earphone business income 15%. But in first three quarters's statistics, this digit already achieved 66%, the current quarter will achieve 72%.

Earphone's functionality and technical complexity is unceasing increase. Meanwhile, the customer needs the volume to be smaller, the outward appearance to have the attraction the product. Therefore, GN is being located in Copenhagen's research and development department for it to solicit the best-qualified workers accepts the talent. Recently newly established one in the Orr fort to research and develop the organization.

Now, the GN all earphone(wholesale earphone) products makes in China. GN estimated that produces 2500 ten thousand earphones, the amplifier as well as other equipment in China. In these products, some 20% by the GN Xiamen Factory manufacture, other by transfer the contractor to make. GN estimated that the earphone service's gross income will achieve 35 hundred million Danish Krone.

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