May 4, 2012

World Class Marketing Book Nobody Talks About

And what I've found over the years, after reading hundreds of books on sales and marketing, is that the older the book, the better it is.

Why is that the case?

Because "old school" authors wrote about sales and marketing strategies they had tested. So they could look you dead in the eye and say, "We tested this marketing strategy on 5,000 people and what we found is this..."

Books now days don't do that because authors are more interested in selling copies with a flashy title... than they are in providing great content.

At least that's what I've found to be true.

So anyways, in today's article I want to talk about a little-known sales and marketing book you should devour like it was your last meal on Earth since it contains so many great ideas.

For example:

1. The 12 Reasons Why People Buy.

There is a chapter in this book that talks about the 12 reasons why people buy. Do you know what these reasons are? And if so, do you use as many of them as you can in each sales presentation you give?

What's cool is the author explains the emotions behind each of the 12 buying reasons too. Because remember, people buy based on deep emotions. So your job is to find out the emotional hot buttons the majority of your prospects use to buy, and then push those buttons in each sales presentation.

This book shows you how to do that.

2. How To Get Your Prospect's Attention.

There is another chapter in this book that's all about how to get the attention of your prospect. Why's that important? Because you can't make a sale unless you have someone's attention. But how do you get attention? This chapter shows you how to do that.

3. How To Prove Your Case.

There is another chapter in this book on proving your case.

Who in their right mind will buy from you unless they believe you? And the only way to get someone to believe you is to prove what you are saying is true. This chapter shows you three ways to do that.

So what is the title of this book?

It's called How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab. And the last I checked it was available online for around $10 bucks which is one heck of a good deal considering it shows you many ways to sell more and grow your bottom line sales.

It's written in simple English.

It flows well.

And I guarantee you'll get more sales and marketing ideas from this book than darn near any other you could buy. See for yourself.

One last thing:

If you own and operate a small business and are serious about growing it, then what's holding you back? More than likely you need one good idea. But you have to be careful where you look for ideas.

Can I give you more good ideas like the one in this article?

You better believe I can.

But, our personalities may not jive. In fact, if there is some "rub" between us then it'll never work. You won't be happy. And neither will I. Nonetheless, you should decide for yourself if we are a good fit. To do that, stroll on over to my website which you'll find in the author box below.

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