May 5, 2012

Improve Your Winning Odds in the World of Warcraft

Go over the introductory tutorial. It is very helpful in getting you off to a good start.

Create a -Bank Alt-. This is a character that will be able to do work for the main character. For example, if you want to auction a few items. You can mail them to this character, which will do this part for you. This way the main character would not need to waste any time in going back to the auction house. The gold from the sale could also be mailed back to main character. You could also create a character for the bank.

Do spend time in organizing your bag and bank spaces. You can create different categories to organize items. For example, you could place all the novelty items under the same category. You can also store your quest finds into the bag and they will be much easier to find the next time you need them.

Minimap is very helpful in finding items. It is located in the top right corner. It displays close by mining nodes, herbs, reagent vendors, flight paths and professional trainers. So next time you need to go somewhere or find some information do not waste your time around use this handy device it is there only to make things easier for you. Tag the flight path as soon as you arrive in a new spot. This helps when you want to come back to this location. Once a location is tagged you do not need to walk, ride or fly to it.

Hearthstone provides a 30 min cool down. It also has the capacity to send you to any town you set it to go to. This is a great feature. Once a quest has been completed you can turn it in upon returning to the town. If you have for example, set it to Dalaran, it will provide you access to any town this city can port you to. Hearthstone also has the ability to save you in a fight or in any other situation when you might be in trouble. If your tank has been killed in a raid, this will give the opponent the opportunity to kill you and the rest of the raid as well. Hearthstone at this point could be your life savior. Do remember to do it at the right time and with the right group.

Create a list of friends. Use it to record information such as their profession, their personality, etc. Such a record will be helpful if you need a certain piece of information and are not interested in asking people in the trade chat.

These are just a few tips for a better experience in the World of Warcraft. Use them and hopefully your next gaming experience will be better than ever before.

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