May 6, 2012

Markets of real estate in the world. Part I. Real estate for buysell.

Prices rating.

According to specialists' data, in the world real estate Premier League comparing to 2005 certain replacement has occurred. Hong Kong has been the most expensive city, and now the level of prices here is 107% more than the average indicator for 10 largest cities. Hong Kong is also 63% more expensive than London being on the 2nd place in this rating. The next are Tokyo, Singapore and Paris. In Singapore for the last 5.5 years increase of prices was noted to be 123%. So, from 7th place in the rating, where Singapore was in 2009, the city was placed to the 4th.

On the other side of the rating table is Bombay, the cheapest city in this classification. Here the level of the prices is 43% lower that of the average value for the 10 largest cities. But this city is the main claimer for the leading positions, because it has significant growth for the interval specified (154%), the value being more than even in case of Shanghai (143%).

If one considers these cities separately, it can be seen that price level in the market of real estate developed according to different scenarios. Thus, in contrast to fast increase in the markets of Bombay, Singapore, Shanghai, the indicator for New-York was only 7%. Also there were significant difference in duration and models of price levels process. Some cities showed stable increase rate during the whole period of the investigation, while the others had both increase and drops in various moments, as rating shows.

Analytics of Savills Research used new methodology to analyze relative values. New index ranks cities according to relative cost Savills Executive Unit (SEU), i.e. basket of objects of real estate meant for a certain group of people able to start their busyness or develop it in any country, where the expenses for real estate are the important part of busyness process. All the comparisons are performed on the basis of relative expenses SEU in every city considering some difficulties of comparative analysis of real estate in the continental scale.

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