May 5, 2012

Free web site lessons by World Dank

If you want to create a web site, the first thing to do is lay out every inch of what you want to achieve. Do you want to sell valuable information? products of intrest? a way of life? Whatever it is decide from the get-go.

Starting small has never been a possibility in my life. So of course my web site was created to reach all areas of life. Travel adventures, good tunes, photos, health, wealth and finding balance in life. A tall glass to fill. I will leave this option up to you, but a little tip it's much more covenant to start small putting your efforts in one idea, one theme and then in time creating as much as you like.

Your next order of affairs is to figure if you want to make bank with your site. Are you looking to only get your word out, your life story, your music or do you ultimately want to make money. If you're hesitant of something from the get go, it will never run smoothly. The world of internet marketing has continuous payouts from everyday users like you and I. There are advertisements, things being sold, web surfers and they all offer revenue. We will get into the advertising part later on.


Once you come up with your design, you're going to need a niche. There is tons of web sites out there that will have the same thoughts as you do. What's your niche? What makes you unforgettable from everyone else? For me, there is nobody else on this earth like me. Nobody has seen the places like I have, done the things I have, or know the people that I do. It's unbelievable to be blessed with what life has shown me and being able to share the knowledge is even a greater gift. So that's my niche. Your's should be just as strong, something you're inspired about, something you want to share, something you want to share with others.

There's thousands of types of web sites you could design. There is ones you can make simply to make money. I have read some websites where they purposely type crappy content just so readers want to leave the page and usually the logical way out is through a click Ad or something similar to that. First and foremost, you got to have an understanding what your idea is and which way you want to go. Your next phase is to get into the programs you will be utilizing and to start writing your content. Most importantly is your content. You always want to be adding fresh content and always have endless amounts of killer content. We will have a whole lesson dedicated to intriguing you to write great content. You want to have new posts everyday, whether it's a blog or a web site. It's a great idea is to lay all this out ahead of time. Put it in a note pad, get a structure, get an visual. My website has been spawned from so many different web sites that I have seen, learned from and came up with the best formula that works for what I was trying to achieve.Keep posted we have many more lessons to come.

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