May 5, 2012

Is 2012 Really The End Of The World

Indeed, with the last doomsday debacle concerning the Y2K theories seem to have lost its dismaying effect among people and this 2012 apocalypse theory has the entire world believing and had even inspired a movie. The first of these many reasons for credibility stems from the reputation of the ancient Mayans as a methodical, scientifically and mathematically superior, religious and spiritual people. The ancient Mayan calendar, which is mathematically and astronomically exact, states that the end of the Earths life cycle will come to an end on December 21st, 2012 and this is the most popularly referenced part of the prediction. Although scientists, astronomy and biblical experts have fought and debated over the validity and accuracy of the calendar and the ancient Mayan calculations, they all agreed in the end that the ancient calculation of the Earths lunar cycle is just thirty seconds off than that of the widely established lunar cycle; and that is it for all of us, then.

And there is another End of the world theory that had started and fueled the 2012 official countdown. It is said that the Earth is long overdue for another magnetic pole shift for the past five thousand years and it is most likely that the shifting of the north and south poles may occur two years from now.

There are of course other concepts that circulate around the world which are somewhat less frightening; and that is in the year 2012, the world as we now know it will end, however, not in the way that the movies and the other end of the world prophecies have pictured, but the quality of living and the level of consciousness and spirituality and knowledge of all people living in the Earth will be significantly heightened. Now if the End of the planet is really less than two years away, what are you going to do until then?

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