May 5, 2012

End Of The World On Doomsday 2012

According to New Age believers, the planet is about the experience a spiritual transformation during this time and therefore interprets the 2012 predictions as the commencement, instead of the end of the world. Meanwhile, others say that this date marks the end of the world based on the Book of Revelations. Among the possible events that would end the world include the planets clash with another planet (called Nibiru), black hole explosion, or the development of the next solar maximum. In anticipation of the coming of that day, some people even launched 2012 official countdown.

The Mayan Calendar was constructed around 250-900 AD by an complex civilization called the Mayans. They were considered highly developed because they exhibited advanced written, construction, and urban planning abilities. Complex buildings and pyramids made Mayans very famous. The Mayans also used many calendars and viewed time as spiritual cycles. Most of their calendars were short, but they combined their different calendars until they developed their Mayan Long calendar lasting 5,125 years. How does the end of their calendar connect with the end of the world? The Mayan prophecy is based on the assumption that something bad will happen when the long calendar runs out on what many people call Armageddon, December 21, 2012, scientists say.

Another prediction about December 21, 2012 is the coronal mass ejection from the sun. In 1859, coronal mass ejection occurred that affected the telegraph system in North America and Europe. The same event is predicted to occur in the year 2012, along with huge massive power blackouts and wreckage of satellites.

Another prediction is the explosion of black hole. Accordingly, such incident will bring about cosmic ray waves that can cause massive destructive tsunamis in the planet.

Will the world end on Armageddon? People are so imaginative about the possible scenario of something that is about to end. However, according to archaeologists, the Mayans predicted an age of enlightenment when 2012 comes. The relationship between global catastrophe, Aztec end of the world, and Mayan calendar-based prophecy is largely fiction. There was no mention of Doomsday in any Mayan literature. In fact, scholars from various disciplines have already dismissed the concept of cataclysmic events happening in 2012. This is just similar to the Y2K fear that occurred in the late 1990s according to NASA.

The Armageddon 2012 prediction has been talked about for decades. There are two sides of the coin- one says there will be global destruction, while the other says there will be enlightenment. The people may never know if Doomsday is for real until such time that the day occurs.

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