May 10, 2012

D Artists, The Creators Who Construct Virtual World Into Reality

a) Modeling- Modeling is a process by which a shape is given to an object or character. By 3D modeling, a three-dimensional mesh is created to build the desired structure. This is done with the help of specific software like- AutoCAD, Autodesk Maya, LightWave 3D, Cinema 4D are few of the highest rated software.

b) Animation- This phase has a lot of methods and types, and it's completely up to the 3D artist to decide what specifications would be appropriate. Animation occurs along with layout, since this process decides on the span where the 3D object needs to be placed. The movement of the object is decided with the help of animation. There are multiple ways to animate an object or character. Keyframing, Motion Capture, and Inverse kinematics are some of the most known and accepted methods.

c) Texturing- It is the process through which impeccable detailing is provided to the object or character. The detailing can be provided for clothing, skin, eye color, hair, etc. Texturing can be provided for the environment or the surrounding where the character is placed. Details can be given for atmospheric or natural features. The texturing is based on the model or the object created and it should consist of a flawless feature.

d) Rendering- This is possibly the final step in the animation process and also the most crucial one. The rendering process is mostly done by experienced professional artists, compared to the beginners. The process helps in placing a model with comparison to the lighting and camera settings.

e) Compositing- This is the process by which a blending is done between the real-life video or image and the 3D character or object.

Few aspiring qualities of 3D Artists include an eye for detailing, artistic skills especially drawing or sculpturing. Artists who have previous experience on clay animation/ Claymation and animatronics have a larger viability towards 3D animation. An experience in computer programming proves to be a stronger point, even though it is not a major requirement. For becoming a successful 3D artist, he should posses varied skills from drawing, to detailing, to acting and mastering to accomplish a finished work.

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