May 9, 2012

The Biggest Killing Machine in the World

I'm talking about the food industry which also includes the factory farm industry, the biggest killing machine in the history of the world and still expanding.

The essence of the food industry is meat and because of the massive amounts of money being made the industry has a disregard for the health affects of its products on humans, the enormous pollution caused by the meat sector and the cruelty and suffering of animals.

Food animals like cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry have no animal rights like dogs and cats. They are frequently beaten and tortured before they are cruelly slaughtered. Because they are presented as food people eat them every day perhaps not knowing that they are senient, intelligent creatures that, like humans, feel pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy. Science is now discovering their intelligence, an example of which is a pig being the equivalent of a three year-old human.

The food industry is not concerned with the moral and ethical aspects of animals welfare. It is controlled by money, power, satisfying shareholders and constant expansion. It spends vast sums of money in advertising and public relations to promote food, most of which is meat based. Highly glamorous and sophisticated campaigns on TV and in magazines and other outlets promote how tasty dishes are.There is no mention of how the meat came to be there.

In addition the food industry does a great diservice to society in that much of its products are unhealthy processed and convenience food. It encourages consumers to eat things that are not good for health.

Nowadays more than ever in this consumer orientated world people are brainwashed and controlled by advertIsing and publicity. It's only some who see the light and are awakened to the reality of it all. Often they reduce their meat eating or stop it entirely in order not to be part of the cruelty and killing.

Gradually, however, the number of awakenings is increasing as more people realise the terrible reality of what mankind is doing. It's not just a matter of not eating meat and going vegetarian or vegan. It's not just a matter of extensive pollution and damage to the environment caused by the food industry. It's not just the moral and ethical issues of killing fellow animals.

It's what mankind is doing to his soul and his fundermental beliefs. Man is becoming a cold hearted flesh eating savage with no compassion, blindly engulfed by materialism and uncaring of nature. He is not happy nor content and in frustration fails to see that happiness and contentment is being aligned with nature and his fellow creatures.

If mankind eventually changes its current path future generations will look back on these times as man's nightmare when the planet flowed with the blood of his fellow animals and there will be shame and sorrow for what we are doing.

It can be stopped by people not eating flesh. It's a choice each of us can make right now. Eventually it would kill the killing machine that is the food industry.

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