Dec 2, 2011

Natural Phenomena Weird World!

Natural Phenomena Weird World! All things can indeed happen in the world, but if an event that rarely occur evenly in various regions, then the events that occurred was perceived as an extraordinary phenomenon.
Here are some Alama remarkable phenomenon that occurs in various regions hemisphere, where the phenomenon does not occur evenly in various regions of the World dibelahan.
1. Eternal lightning in Venezuela
Catatumbo a mysterious lightning is a natural phenomenon unique in the world. Located at the mouth of the river at Lake Maracaibo Catatumbo. This phenomenon is a cloud lightning that forms a "line" lightning along the 5 miles, each 140-160 nights a year, for 10 hours each night, and more than 280 times in 1 hour. It can almost be called a 'permanent storm'. Lightning has the intensity of 400,000 amperes, and visible up to 400 km away. According to research, lightning is due to collision of wind comes from the Andes Mountains. Lightning is also used as navigation by sailors.
2. Fish rain in Honduras
The Rain of Fishes (Fish Rain) is told in Honduran Folklore. However, there is also evident in the Departamento de Yoro, between May and July. Witnesses say that this phenomenon begins with a dark cloud in the sky, followed by lightning, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain for 2-3 hours. After the rain stopped, hundreds of fish found living in soil. People take the fish - the fish and cook it. Since 1998, Rain of Fish Festival is celebrated every year in the city of Yoro.
3. Climbing Goats of Morocco
Goats that climb trees, can only be found in Morocco. These goats climb trees because they want to eat the fruit of the Argan tree, which is similar to the Olive Fruit. (Sorry ga no further details)
4. Red rain in Kerala
From July 25 to 23 September 2001, red rain fell in southern India, Kerala State. Not just red, yellow rain, green and black have also been reported. Government of India found that the rain has been "marred" by the spores of algae, which float in the air. Then, early in 2006, Kerala became the world's attention.
5. Longest wave in Brazil
Two times a year, between February and March, the Atlantic Ocean water piled up in the Amazon River, creating the world's longest waves. This phenomenon is caused by ocean currents meet Atantik the mouth of the river, thus generating waves 12 feet high that can last up to more than half an hour.
6. Black Sun in Denmark
During spring in Denmark, about one-half hour before dusk, more than 1 million Sturnus Vulgaris (blackcock) congregate from all corners to join and form a remarkable collection of great in the air. Hinnga make the sky was dark. This phenomenon is called Black Sun, and can be witnessed in early spring in western Denmark.
7. Rainbow Fire in Idaho
Femonena atmosphere known as circumhorizon arc or Fire Rainbow (a rainbow of fire), will appear when the sun is high (greater than 58 degrees above the horizon). The sunlight shone through straight and cirrus clouds, thus producing a kind of crystal slabs and formed hexagon prism effect. So it looks like a rainbow-shaped flame.

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