Dec 2, 2011

This is Like a Butterfly Weird Human Face

This is Like a Butterfly Weird Human Face - The Village People, Keluarahan Sriwedari, District Mountain Quail, Sukabumi find butterflies motivated human face on Friday (2 / 12). The discovery that could make it amazed, curious rada inviting residents from outside the village. Even the outstanding information, the butterfly tuyul incarnation.

The discovery began when one of the villagers, Ny. Dian Herdiani (34) when they want to bathe their children, Abay (6) before leaving school. Abay (6) which was in the bathroom, got scared screaming when she saw a butterfly stuck to the walls of his bathroom. Since it is considered a normal thing, the cry of her child was not ignored.

But because the cries constantly, Ny. Dian is currently preparing their children's school clothes soon come to the bathroom. Abay think animals are stuck in the rinse cloth body, the small man aka 'tuyul'. "I did not 'ngeh' when he heard his screams. However, due to continuous cries, I went to Abay the middle of a shower, "said Mrs.. Dian Herdiana to "AP".

So even when up in the bathroom, said the mother of two, it does not bother her while showing her hand on a butterfly's tiny thumb-sized two adults. So even when her child says "there are small children there", again ignored. "Understandably a child, I ignored it," he said.

But curiosity emerged after bathing her child. Ny. Dian surprised when observed carefully, it turns out in the back of the butterfly's face clearly illustrated pictures of human figures. Startled, Dian screaming out of the bathroom. "I was screaming out of fear in my body butterfly Wajak drawn human figures who again smiled broadly," he said.

Her screams make the household commotion. They poured came the sound source. They thought Dian fell in the bathroom, especially as he was carrying her third child. "We think he slipped down in the bathroom. Therefore, we immediately hunt down his voice, "said Mrs. families. Dian, Ibn Bukhari.

According to Ibn, butterflies are colored dark brown it worked ditanggkap. Animals bermotih face human face is now not only be a spectacle of her family. But the spectacle of local people. "The motive is very clear, especially when dbawa out of the house. Face image with two eyes, nose and mouth of a human right, "he said.

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