Dec 24, 2012

Wedding Favors, Unique Favors

For a long time it has been the custom in America and abroad for the bride to give wedding favors to her guests that have come to pay her homage on her wedding day. To show her and her family's appreciation for their coming and the gifts they will give. Although wedding favors are not usually, the first thing the bride and groom to be going to think of when they are making out their list of things that needs attention for their wedding day to run smoothly. Wedding favors are of importance and if they are unique, that makes them so much more desirable. For a proper wedding, they have to be included in the budget, but they need not be that expensive. In fact, some unique favors hardly cost any money at all.

A personal touch from the bride can be much appreciated if she chooses to make some of the favors herself and she has the time. She might want to only do this for close family members and special friends on her side and her husband's side of the family. Sometimes just a few pieces of really good chocolate in a small colored cardboard box will sulfide, or even candy coated almonds in pretty colors.

Package the wedding favors so they are attractive. Label boxes, if a little time is spent in the presentation it will show. Handwriting on a label is all that is needed to give it a personal touch. Small boxes can be stacked on a table as a centerpiece with a card asking the guests to take a favor home. Sometimes the wedding favors can be made into the centerpiece on the table or tables such as a small potted plant on individual tables with a little card saying to take it home. Seed packages are another idea of some of the flowers used in the wedding flower bouquets, or even a single flower on with a fern leaf in a bud vase on individual tables.

When choosing unique favors try to be original, do not give exactly what other family members or friends gave. Be thoughtful in the selection. It's a good idea since people sometimes bring extra guests to have some extra wedding favors. It is not necessary to be extravagant with the extras and some sweet is often a good idea because some family member or the children can take them home and they will not go to waste. The wedding favors can be labeled with each couple or person's name and put on a table to be picked up either as the guests come or leave or just put on the table if they are all the same.

Unique favors that can be eaten by men, women, and children are a good choice, they often come in tins or packages that can be personalized with the name of the bride and groom and date of the wedding and still remain inexpensive. Key chains are always well liked and personalized hot chocolate are other things that go over well. Cookies in the shape of wedding cakes with icing decorations can be bought for the children. There is no end to what can be given as unique favors, most of all it just takes imagination and thoughtfulness.

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