Dec 3, 2012

Unique Tradeshow Giveaways - Five Strategies for Converting Tradeshow Traffic to Sales!

Trade shows are the best solution for getting product information to your distribution network-to those who will ultimately buy and resell your product or service. But how do you attract the attention of these VIPS amidst all the activity of the trade show? Enter giveaways-and the art of buying, creating, and giving away tradeshow giveaways.

First, you want to attract pre-qualified prospects to your booth (not hoards of descending crowds); who will take your unique tradeshow giveaways back where it will be seen again and again. Ideally, when the buying situation becomes eminent, they will make the connection, remember your company, happily take your follow-up phone call(s), or contact you, and buy! Here are five strategies for the art of buying, creating and giving away Tradeshow Giveaways.

Be Unique: There are over 500,000 (half a million) tradeshow giveaway products that you may brand with your logo! In marketing, the basic idea is to show your company, product or service as unique! The tradeshow giveaways you choose must be unique in the same way that your product or service is unique. Instead of the 4-color tri-fold brochure, or the shiny presentation folder, give them a mini-business card CD, or a USB drive with your logo and brochure on it (same general cost).

Represent Your Business: Do you know that there are over 75 different imprinting processes used for branding products? The quality of imprinting will represent the quality of your product or service. For example, silk-screening on a ball cap is a common imprinting method, but depending on your logo, an embroidered ball cap may be the same price, yet convey 2-3 times the quality and impact. If your product or service is high end, consider using a high quality imprint, even if a little more costly, it will be consistent with the product or service your offer.

Be Selective: The type of tradeshow giveaways you choose to imprint with your logo, brand, or slogan will draw the type of clients you want to attract. If you are marketing for a pet company, a branded mug, key chain, or pen with is better than nothing. However, a stuffed dog dressed in a T-shirt with your logo on it, will associated with your product long after the trade show is over. One hundred stuffed dogs given to carefully chosen prospects will cost the same as 1000 pens or key chains given to thousands of visitors who will never see you again! Use your tradeshow giveaways to attract a pre-qualified buyer. If they want to take home the stuffed pet to their wife, children, or secretary, they are required to fill out a survey that will give ALL their contact information.

The Follow Up: Using unique tradeshows giveaways will allow you to follow up easily. Build in surveys, contests, and information sheets to be filled out by your visitors if they want that fun, or valuable or unique tradeshow giveaway. Just Imagine their trade show bag: 43 tri-fold four-color brochures, 32 business cards, 14 logo pens, 9 presentation folders, 7 gooey chocolates, 5 bumper stickers, 4 balloons, a package of breath-mints, and maybe a partridge in a pear tree! If your tradeshow giveaway is unique, memorable and appropriate to your business model or service, it can be used as a conversation piece in your follow up.

Marketing Consultant: An expert branded products consultant will develop and create unique, exciting, and effective tradeshow giveaways. Make sure your consultant offers all the promotional products (not just ASI); including imports, should you need large quantities, green (recycled) products, and union made in USA products. A good promotional products consultant will work within your budget and timeline to find the best item(s) to promote your company. They understand the different branding processes, corporate PMS colors, and will insist your logo look its best on each product. The right consultant will help you cash in on those long hours of preparing; traveling, meeting and greeting people at trade shows to convert them to clients and buyers.

Tradeshow giveaways can be profitable by making them unique, quality, and harmonious with your business model. An expert promotional products consultant, knowledgeable in all areas of branded products will save you money, time, and position you to follow-up with tradeshow clients to convert tradeshow giveaways to sales!

Ms Nelson, a writer/creative entrepreneur, and owner of The AdStuff Company graduated with BS Advertising from The University of Texas. She is the Inventor of the patent pending Dating Passport and Vacation Suites Global; and is a self employment coach as well as nominee of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award given by WORKING WOMENS MAGAZINE. Published author and Founder of the After School University, with a passion for self-employment and marketing, she may be contacted for complimentary marketing consulting at or 1-888-ADSTUFF x 1 (toll free)

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