Dec 3, 2012

Have Fun and Excitement with Your Baby Shower and Unique Baby Shower Gifts!

Baby showers are supposed to be fun and exciting. So don't throw yet another ordinary party where you simply prepare food and invite some people to come over. Do take the extra effort to make the event exciting and memorable. Adding in some unique party items should do the trick. And of course you must not forget the unique baby shower gifts. They remain to be the very essence of baby shower parties!

Decide on a Theme

Before you embark on your search for party items and unique baby shower gifts, make sure that you have already decided on a particular theme. You don't want to go through the confusion of choosing the best invitation card or the best unique baby shower gifts. There are just too many adorable items and unique baby shower gifts available that choosing which one to purchase can be a major problem. But having a theme will narrow down your choices and will make decision-making a lot easier.

Work on Your Baby Shower Favors

You should be ready with your baby shower favors. They are your way of expressing your appreciation for the guests who took the time and effort to celebrate with you. Favors also make for cherished memorabilia. Try and make them extra special. Don't just go for the usual and boring picture frames or figurines.

Get your creative juices flowing and work on something new, something different. How about giving out bookmarks with the baby's face on it? Don't forget to include a special message in it. Now that is something your guests will truly cherish.

Work on the Guest List

Sweat it out with the guest list. Make sure that all the important people in the parents' lives are there. And do try to keep people that the couple 'would rather not have around' away from the party. You don't want unwanted guests to ruin the joyous occasion.

You should also be creative with your invitations. There are many types of baby shower invitations to choose from. You can go traditional with baby shower cards, or you can take a unique route and choose message in a bottle for your invitation. These creative stuff are not very advisable though if you are throwing out a surprise baby shower party. The last thing you need is anything that will create too much buzz as your aim is to keep the party out of the parents' earshot.

If you are indeed throwing a surprise party, you are better off sending out your invitations the discreet way. For this, inviting guests 'personally' is your best choice. And always make it clear that the party is a surprise and that they can't let the parents know. If it's impossible to meet everyone in person, you can send them SMS or emails instead. Yet again, always explain that they have to keep the plan discreet.

Prepare a Baby Shower Gift Registry

Don't forget one important thing when preparing for a baby shower - the unique baby shower gifts. One reason baby showers are thrown out is to help the parents-to-be prepare for the things the baby will need. This, by essence, also helps them financially. So do make sure that you put enough highlight on unique baby shower gifts. To make sure that the parents will get everything they could possibly need, you should be ready with a gift registry and make sure all the guests are aware of its existence.

Finally, don't forget yet another important thing - have fun!

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