Dec 21, 2012

Google AdWords Tips - Use Your Unique Selling Proposition

The first thing that most business owners create before they even build their website or even start a business from home or from a brick and mortar building is to create a unique selling proposition. This is basically the promise that the business owner makes to the customer.

There are ways that a unique selling proposition can be used to increase traffic to a website that is going to make the small business more money. It is a good idea for any business person to use their selling position as much possible to reinforce their commitment to the customer which in turn allows the customer to have more faith in the business owner.

· The first thing that should be done is to post the unique selling proposition at the top of the home page of the website as well as on every page on the site that is offering the items for sale. This is going to allow anyone to be able to see it whether or not they come to the site from the homepage or directly to a sales page from an ad.

· Include the unique selling proposition in all ads. Get the proposition out there so any potential customers are going to know what your site is all about and what the website is offering. This can mean the difference between skipping your ad and clicking on to purchase items from the website.

· Use the unique selling proposition in all email campaigns. Make it the header of the email every type you send out any email ads. This is going to keep your unique selling position at the forefront of the customers mind.

The main thing to remember is that you want your USP to be visible to your customer. You do not want to bury it at the bottom of any webpage where the customer may miss it.

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