Dec 11, 2012

Boost Your Profits by Doing Something Unique on EBay

Do you understand why the price of a good or service is higher at one store than it is at another even when it is a similar product? It comes down to uniqueness. How is your business unique? If you are not unique - chances are you are struggling to make some good cash.

The only way you can lift your prices is if you distinguish yourself from the competition. This means finding out why you are different and marketing this. So - have a look at your business and determine what makes you unique.

Do you provide great service? Big deal - a lot of your competitors do too. That won't make you unique. Do you have a professionally designed logo and strong branding name and colors? This is the first part of creating your uniqueness.

Then look at what your competitors do. What do you do that is different?

Are you more accurate? If so - say so.

Are you more responsive? If so - say so.

Do you provide a guaranteed time response? If so - say so.

Do you produce quality products? If so - say so.

Find out what makes you different. If you don't know - then ask your customers. They will know for sure. Ebay can be the perfect learning ground to distinguish your uniqueness. There is so much competition - you will find it hard to make a buck unless you clearly indicate what you are unique for.

The best thing about eBay is that all your competition is online so you can see then with just a few clicks.

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