Nov 17, 2012

Reasons For Publishing Unique Content

There are many people who still don't understand the real purpose of publishing unique content.

It is a proven fact that unique content helps in building a site's or a person's credibility to a great extent.

Keeping the importance of high quality unique content in mind, below I have listed some of the main reasons why every online publisher should consider publishing unique content.

Number 1:

If you add top quality original content to your site at regular intervals, then it is assured that your website will have a better search engine ranking. Search engines love unique content and often penalize duplicate content. Therefore, you can really boast of owning a site that contains absolutely original articles unlike many other websites.

Number 2:

Original content can definitely boost traffic flow to your site. Many webmasters prefer linking their websites with those that contain highly informative and fresh content. Therefore, with original content, you can earn a lot of back links to your site, which would ensure high flow of traffic.

Number 3:

If you add top notch unique content on a regular basis, it's 100% guaranteed that a lot of people will come back to your website in search of fresh information. Thus, adding unique articles will definitely establish your website as a natural source of info that people would love to get from time to time.

Number 4:

A lot of times I have received newsletters that were pretty much similar, even though they came from different people. What many people do is, they simply reword some other marketer's newsletters and send them out to their subscribers. I have come across similar (but reworded) newsletters a lot of times, and that's, indeed, a major turn off for me. So, from the point of view of a subscriber, I would like to tell you that people love some fresh and unique content instead of rehashed ones. A newsletter that is crafted in a unique and interesting way is sure going to attract a lot of subscribers and help you build an active and responsive mailing list.

Number 5:

Be it a review article or an informative article, the more unique content you offer to your customers, the more will be your chances of establishing yourself as an authority on the subjects or topics that you're writing about. This way you will be on your way to securing more business and sales.

These are the 5 basic reasons why every online marketer must make use of unique content in order to build their credibility in their chosen niche. Many people recommend rewriting others articles to make them unique but I would not really suggest that you do it always. The reason for this is, just by rewriting an existing article, you are not actually adding any new information.

In this age of rampant article marketing , people mostly attempt to take the short route and simply rewrite articles that are published all over the Internet. By doing this, they are not offering much value to their customers-are they? This way they are simply playing safe to prevent themselves from copyright infringement laws. This practice is definitely not illegal by any means, but in my opinion publishing some content that is conceptually unique plays a major role in establishing one's expertise in their business.

If you are serious about your online business and want to earn your customer's trust and faith, I would strongly suggest you to publish some great content that is conceptually unique.

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