Nov 18, 2012

Generating Unique Content - How to Do it For Your Website

Well, the first question is, why do you need to have unique content on your website? It's really all down to the search engines; they want original content which ends in unique results, thus making it a much better experience for the users and hopefully ensuring that they will return to the site again. As can be seen, unique content is of the highest importance to the search engines therefore they have specific strategies to find out what is original content and what isn't. They can easily recognise all of the common navigational elements such as banners and toolbars and then they will go on to pick out the unique content of the site. The reason for search engines wanting original content is to give the users a valuable experience, therefore to do this the search engines believe the content has to be from an original source.

The question is how to fulfil the search engines demand for unique content whilst finding the strategy that is right for your business and website.

There are 3 core strategies in generating unique content:

1.Machine-built results-these are the kinds of results you find on holiday booking sites or train travel sites. These results are built up of databases of information and then provide an automated response of data when prompted. This strategy provides a huge amount of unique content and can be made bigger or smaller depending on the size of your site.

2. Editorial-this is content that we have come up with ourselves; articles, videos and also hiring content writers, copywriters and journalists. Content writers can also be outsourced in other parts of the world where it is often cheaper, however, the quality often decreases too. To put it simply, most content that has been written by a human (and not a machine!) can be classed as editorial.

3. User Generated Content (UGC)-most web experts would agree that this is the most valuable type of unique content; however, without the right strategy it can be very difficult. Most businesses will use the help of web experts specialising in social media in order to decide their best approach. Working together, you will have to create a community within which users can contribute, and remember it will have to be for free. For some sites, it is easier to generate quality unique content (for example, review sites). However, for other businesses it can be difficult to gain quality unique content.

Generating unique, original content for your website can be a long process; however, an empty site isn't a website at all. You want your website to reflect your business. Each business is in need of a different strategy so spend time researching and talking to web expert companies until you find the approach that is right for you.

Eleanor Woodall

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