May 1, 2012

We all love watching funny videos of people falling down, running into walls, and face-planting. Wasn't that why we created the internet? Alright, maybe not, but watching funny videos on the internet has become a social norm across the world.

YouTube, a popular video uploading site, boasts an estimated 490 million users every month that upload approximately 35 hours of video every minute! That's impressive, and that's a ton of online videos.

So where do you start? How do you find funny YouTube videos? Here are 5 quick tips to point you in the right direction:

1. YouTube Search

YouTube has a built-in search function. Searches are performed based on titles of videos that users submit. The key is thinking like a human. For example, if you are uploading a video of your dog falling into the swimming pool, what might you title that video yourself? Some possibilities:

"Dog falls into swimming pool"

"My crazy dog falls into the pool"

"Dog thinks he's a fish and goes swimming"

Think like a human. There are a few keywords here: dog, pool, falls, swimming. Try searching any of these keywords in combination. Here are some other funny YouTube searches:

"People falling down escalators"

"People falling accidents"

"People flying off treadmills"

"Crazy and funny babies"

"Funny pets and animals"

"America's Funniest Home Videos" (from the popular television show)

The combinations are endless, just get searching!

2. Google Search

Google owns YouTube. YouTube videos will typically show in Google searches. Just type in any keyword variations you would into a YouTube search. Make sure to include the keyword "videos" in your search.

There is a main benefit searching for funny videos on Google. For example, you can search for the "top funniest videos on YouTube" and will usually find links from bloggers who have already built lists of funny videos. Take the work out of it, and let others help you to find the funniest videos on the web.

3. Scour Twitter

Twitter Search is a real-time feature to assist in finding YouTube videos. In my experience, it's best to be broad in your searches but always include the #youtube hash-tag. This ensures you only search for actual YouTube videos. For example, search for "#funny #youtube" and you should find funny videos people are posting.

There is a ton of spam on Twitter. I suggest you spend some time to learn the culture and how it works. Nonetheless, you can always find quality links to funny YouTube videos.

4. StumbleUpon Videos

This is my personal favorite. StumbleUpon is the equivalent of channel surfing the internet. First, download the StumbleUpon add-on to your Fire Fox browser. Sign up for an account and start stumbling. Either stumble "videos" or search "funny videos" - there are thousands of countless and mindless YouTube videos to watch. If you don't like a video, simply stumble to the next.

Side Note: Not all videos on StumbleUpon will be from YouTube. But the majority are embedded directly from YouTube.

5. Videos

Digg has changed over the recent years, but it's still amazing for finding funny videos. Go to the Digg homepage, click the "entertainment tab and filter only videos. There are countless YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure. Usually the funniest videos will be at the top, since most Digg users have already "Dugg" the top videos. Why spend time searching when Digg users have already filtered the content for you?

Hopefully these tips will help you laugh for hours with your friends. Remember to search through countless sharing sites and YouTube itself. You're bound to stumble across something funny worth sharing. Hope you have fun, and happy hunting!

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