May 9, 2012

Fun Ways to Get World of Warcraft Gold

But with that unpleasant fact out of the way, here are some fun and often silly ways to speed up the boring gold job.

Make Money from Events

This is something that a lot of people miss out on but it can be quite profitable and of course fun.

What you do is find out when the next event is happening such as the New Year's Eve event and find out if there are any rare drops, rare patterns or other rare things for sale only that that event for you to make a great profit on.

Using the example of the New Year's Eve event, this is one of the few times you can buy fireworks and there are some quite impressive fireworks for sale as well!

But the trick is these fireworks are always in demand with the price selling for much higher in the months furthest away from the New Year's Eve event.

So what you do is buy lots of these fireworks, wait for at least a couple of months then start selling them for a very healthy profit margin indeed.

And it can be quite fun as you start to be known as the fireworks guy. You can even turn it into a social role playing even yourself if you like that kind of thing.

Mage Taxi Service

This is an idea which I picked up from another guide.

If you are a Mage then you have a unique ability where you can port people to various locations. Hopefully if you are a Mage then you already know this!

But the cool thing is, hardly anyone likes to wait around and travel to whichever dungeon they want to try on a given day.

So what you do is offer yourself out as a taxi service.

It can be quite fun as you role play the taxi driver. I've had lots of fun doing this.

Do Daily Quests

Alright, this one isn't purely 'fun' but I had to mention it.

These daily quests are superb for making a regular amount of gold each day.

They usually will not take you that long to do as well.

An example of a daily quest is the six daily quests in Tol Barad where you do some simple quest steps for quite a nice amount of gold. Just remember to keep doing them once a day and you should find it helps a lot.

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