Apr 25, 2012

Want to create the best looking birthday cake for your child's next birthday party? There are a number of steps that you can follow to make sure that you create the perfect cake each and every time. Here is a simple cake decorating guide that you can use to create the best looking cake possible for your kid's upcoming party.

1. Baking the cake. This is probably the easiest step of them all because all you have to do is follow the baking instructions that are provided with the cake mix that you purchased. Sometimes cakes can end up being a little dry. If you want to avoid this, consider adding a tiny bit more of some of the wet ingredients that are used in preparing the cake. One great way that you can increase the moistness of your cake is by adding another egg to the recipe. When the cake has finished cooking, allow it to cool overnight. Consider placing the cake in the refrigerator in order to achieve maximum cooling results.

2. Ice the cake. Before you attempt to do any decorating, make sure you ice the cake completely and smooth out any lumps and bumps that might exist. This initial icing layer should be allowed to cool before you continue with the drawing process. Again, place the cake in the refrigerator in order to let the frosting set up firmly.

3. Prepare your drawing tools. Having a well organized work space with your drawing tools ready and waiting will help make the cake drawing process go much more smoothly. Place all of your drawing accessories and tools in one place, place the cake decorating bags in another, and place the excess colored icing in another. Consider placing your cake decorating bags in tall glass jars, tip end down, to keep them organized and prevent icing messes.

4. Create the easiest decorations first. Draw borders and other large items first since these will be the easiest items to draw. Large bottom borders, top borders, and other large items can be drawn on in order to provide a starting point for other more detailed decorations and drawings.

5. Practice on other surfaces. Before you draw directly on the cake, consider drawing on another surface in order to get the drawing or decoration just right. When you are confident that you have it down, then go ahead and draw on the cake. You can use a cookie sheet or another flat surface as a practice area for your drawings. After each practice attempt, simply scoop up the icing with a spatula and place it back into the cake decorating bag.

6. Use accessories. There are plenty of common kitchen utensils and tools that can be used to make great looking designs. You can use forks, spoons, knives, spatulas, measuring cups, and many other common kitchen items to make creative and original designs for your birthday cake masterpiece. You can also use other items such as candy, nuts, decorating sprinkles, and many other items to create a perfectly decorated cake for your child's birthday party.

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