Apr 24, 2012

Fish Oil For Depression Strange But True

I ultimately began getting help for depression, and it did the trick alright. For a while at least. I got my life back together, patched up a lot of friendships, and started dating my future husband. But underneath it all, I knew something was still wrong. When we got the news that we were having a baby, I knew the risks of post partum depression, but I figured since I'd survived such a major depressive episode I could take it.

'll bet you can probably guess how well that went for me.

Another hospitalization, a massive strain on my marriage, and two weeks away from my baby boy later, I swore to myself that I would never let something like this happen again. So when I found out a few years later that #2 was on his way, I just knew I couldn't wait around and let depression sneak up on me again.

Counseling alone just wasn't doing enough, so my counselor put me the number for a psychiatrist. I went to his office expecting to have to haggle him down on the dosage of an anti-depressant to cut down on the risk to my baby, but he shocked me. He explained he'd read about a fish oil study that suggested it has mood stabilizing effects for women and adolescents with mild to moderate depression. Seeing as I wasn't in the middle of a crisis, and we didn't want to take any unneccesary risks with the baby, we decided to try it out.

Long story short, it worked. Within two weeks, I was already feeling an improvement and the feeling went on all the way through to the birth and beyond. No baby blues, no depression. What really made me happy, though, was the knowledge that there were no detrimental side effects for me or the baby. As a matter of fact, the other benefits of fish oils are well accepted. DHA supplements are believed to help with eye and brain development for infants before and after birth, and DHA and EPA have proven benefits for cardiovascular health.

I know this probably won't work for everybody, but in all my talks with other people with depression we shared one concern: are the side-effects worth the cure? Anti-depressants can be really useful for some people, but they involve a number of risks that are very bad for the people who get hit with them. Using fish oil for depression, the only thing I've ever run into personally is side benefits. I'm not a doctor, and I certainly can't give anyone medical advice. I can only give you my story. In my experience, this helped, and I hope that if you're suffering from the same issues I did, you'll talk to your doctor about all your choices.

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