Apr 29, 2012

No man is an island. You will need some strong connections and healthy relationships to count on when things get tough. Especially when it comes to your family. Fact is, modern lifestyle makes it hard to stay connected with your family and have fun.

It seems like you have to invest more time to make money than to have some connections with others. But just take a break and look back. Is it really that hard to balance between the two? I don't think so.

Here is a list of 5 fun and meaningful activities you can do in your free time. They will not only help you have some fun but also strengthen the family relationships.

Activity #1: Design a good dinner and gather other members around you

Believe me, this simple deed goes a long way in strengthening your family relationships.

Isn't it true that misunderstanding between people happens when they don't have time to talk to each other? Then a dinner with all family members sitting together will be a great opportunity to solve this problem.

Moreover, it can bring in a little surprise which is a very good plus point. Especially when dinning together with you as the chef is almost impossible!

Activity #2: Go visit your relatives on weekends

Here is another simple and doable thing you can do. But it's very effective though!

If it doesn't cost you too much time for traveling then do it. Your relatives deserve a visit after a long period of time, right? And I know they will be very happy to welcome you. And you will feel happy too because you know you've brought them happiness!

Activity #3: Go talk with your kids

Ah, this is where your dad's (or mom's) responsibility comes in.

Remember that no matter how busy you are, if you have kids, you have to keep an eye on them. Don't let them grow up feeling lonely and misunderstood by their parents.

Even a short but constructive talk between you and them will make a huge difference. They will know that you still love them and care about them. That's when you will feel backed up and can concentrate more on your job!

Activity #4: Share your problems and concerns with your spouse

Think this advice is obvious? Yet there are countless couples hold their secrets alone and don't share with each other.

That's why they are suffering from stress and other mental illnesses. Remember the role of your family? It's to create a safe nest for you to hide from the storm outside. Why you can't feel safe and comfortable to share with others?

Try this once and find out yourself.

Activity #5: Have your family in one place and enjoy an interesting movie

This is super fun if that movie is a comedy! But it's not the only choice.

Just a small note here. Because you're having your kids watching the movie with you, make sure you choose the movie carefully. Because there are some inappropriate kinds of them out there. Family related films work best!

And I know to do this you will need some special things like a home entertainment system. But I think the most important thing is the sound speakers.

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