Apr 29, 2012

Hello everybody and welcome.I will post some interesting and funny google tricks that most users probably will have no idea they existed. I didn't know them myself until a short time ago, but since I do know them now, I feel like sharing them with you guys. So here are some funny google tricks to get you started. 1- Google Hacker

First go to

Type at the search box Google Hacker. Check out the looks of it!!!

2- Let It Snow

Open your web browser.

Go to google and type in Let It Snow.

Click on Search button.

Check out what obviously happens.

3- Epic Google

Type these two words Epic Google in the search box and click on I'm feeling lucky. You'll be taken to a version of Google in which the font size of the homepage will keep getting bigger and bigger until it becomes difficult for you to keep reading. 4. Weenie Google

This is the opposite of Epic Google. To try this trick, just go to, type Weenie Google and click I'm Feeling Lucky button. 5. Elgoog

Google homepage written in backwards (Google Mirror). To do this trick, just go to and type in Elgoog then click I'm Feeling Lucky button.

6. French Military Victories? Or did you mean-

To do this trick, go to and type in French Military Victories. Now click I'm Feeling Lucky button and look at the question Did you mean.


This one is another cool trick which is almost the same as the "Do a Barrel Roll". Just go to Google and search for "tilt" without the "" to see it in action.

8- Play Google Pacman

The first ever playable doodle,the pacman doodle.If you want to kill some time and you are bored,this is the perfect game for you.

Go to and type in google pacman and go at

If you want to play Single player type the insert coin button once.

If your brother or a friend is there and you want to play google pacman both than click twice on the insert coin button. 9-Google Sphere

To do this trick, just visit, type in Google Sphere then click the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

10-.Do a Barrel Roll (new!)

This trick has become trending in Twitter and even in Facebook! Among the tricks here, this one is my favorite! To see it in action, just go to and search for "Do a Barrel Roll" without the "".

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Hello folks and be open.I will comment some intriquing, notable and funny online tricks that a number users might have no idea they may existed. I didnt know the group myself till a short time ago, but since I do know every one of them now, I find myself like selling them with everyone. So here are a handful of funny google or yahoo tricks to get you going. 1- Google Nuller

First go so as to wide web

Type in your search system Google Hacker. Check out the visually of it!!!

2- Allow it to go Snow

Exposed your web visitor.

Go to lookup engines and type inside of Let It Winter.

Click on Quest button.

Look for what so it happens.

3- Ambitious Google

Option these two words and phrases Epic The various search engine in the check box and then click I'm spirits lucky. You'll end up taken to a real version of a Google in which the font proportions of the online business will keep using bigger and bigger up to it becomes hard for you to please read on. 4. Weenie The various search engines

This is the complete opposite of Epic Yahoo. To try this mislead, just go regarding, type Weenie Search and click The Feeling Happy button. Techniques. Elgoog

Google main page written in reverse (Google Reflect). To do this job, just go at Google.internet and type within just Elgoog then mouse click I'm Experience Lucky control button.

6. Danish Military Victories? Or did you mean-

To do this avoid, go to Google . and type in Dutch Military Victories. Now just click I'm Effect Lucky control button and look at the actual question Do you mean.

Top 7.Tilt

That one is another mind-boggling trick and is also almost the same as the main "Do a Bat berrel Roll". Just go you can Google and show off for "tilt" natural "" to see it again in action.

8- Have fun Google Pacman

The main ever playable doodle,the pacman doodle.In order to kill a serious amounts of you are uninterested,this is the wonderful game for yourself.

Go to bing and and type in google pacman and in addition go possibly at

To be able to play Unattached player kind of the put inside coin device once.

When your brother and even a friend could and you are willing to play web pacman both as opposed click a few different times on the pop in coin mouse. 9-Google Sphere

To make this happen trick, typically visit, enter Google World then click on the "I'm feeling lucky" buttons.

10-.Do a Barrel Roll (more!)

This scam has become trending here in Twitter and even in Facebook! A tricks beneath, this one could my favorite! To witness it regarding, just go you can and search to suit "Do a Bat berrel Roll" without the "".

Check out more funny google tricks or other funny stuff.

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