Apr 28, 2012

Everyone loves watching comical videos of people running and falling down. Now a day, watching funny videos online has become a rule all around the world.

The most popular video downloading and uploading site, YouTube has around 490 million users who upload numerous videos online every minute. That's sounds good and quiet impressive that users are uploading and downloading thousand videos every minute. If you want to search funny videos online you can follow the easy and quick steps and you will get funny shit videos: s:

4.Google Search - YouTube is a part of Google. Usually, all YouTube videos show in normal Google search. To have a look of different videos you need to type different keywords and don't forget to type the keyword -videos- to have an exact result.

The important thing you will find with Google search is the accuracy and lump sum data from all the websites matching your keyword. For example, when you type keywords -Top 10 Funny Videos on You Tube- normally you get all the links from all the websites having YouTube funny videos. Just take few words out of it to see the best funny videos on web.

5.You Tube Search - You Tube consist of many search functions. The keyword you will type will give you the exact match according to the words specified. For example. If anyone wants to upload a video of a person accidently falling in water. What title you will give to your video so that you can have the exact search and users can view your videos. Few Possibilities are:

v.Funny videos of men falling in the Pool.

vi.Crazy men fall down into the pool.

vii.Accidental Funny Video of men.

viii.Funny shit videos

To have more funny videos you can go for following searches:

a.People falling accidents.

b.Funny babies.

c.Funny Accidental Videos.

d.Crazy animals etc.

e.Funny home videos

There are numerous combinations available which you can use for a view of best funny videos. - has changed very much from recent years but still it searches fabulous funny shit videos. To search the videos, go to Digg homepage, go to entertainment option button and select the option to filter videos only. There are various you tube videos available to have a pleasure to view the videos. Digg help you to search the exact and top quality ideas after digging the depth. Here you will get all the funny stuff easily.

After surfing all these sites you will get the fabulous funny shit stuff which will give you reason to laugh with your friends for hours.

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