Apr 26, 2012

Different Wedding Cake Toppers

Toppers for cakes are an essential part of any wedding and today come in a huge variety. They can be a lovely remembrance of your wedding day that stays with you always. Earlier toppers were figures of the bride and the groom in formal wedding attire. But these have given way to more creative toppers and have even become style statements nowadays. As weddings break free from the traditional structure more and more innovation is reflected in the style and the theme of the weddings.

Today's bridal cake toppers may have the same bride and groom toppers but the traditional pose has given way to sweetly romantic kisses or may even be playful with a wilder kissing pose. Some toppers show the bride and the groom sitting casually at the edge of the cake while some would be dressed in casual clothes.

The couple may be shown indulging in their favorite common interest activities such as hiking, holding a basketball, golf sticks or may be cycling. There are even biker toppers for wedding cakes where the groom and the bride are sitting atop a motorcycle, some even show four-wheelers.

However if you wish to opt for a somewhat traditional look then a very elegant look can be achieved with a monogram cake topper that has the initials of the bride and the groom. These may be made of acrylic, porcelain, glass or even fiberglass. In addition to this, if you are having a formal wedding then a crystal studded monogram would really give off a classy look.

Two hearts intertwined with the initials of both are symbolic of the mood of the day. One can also have the initials surrounded by a circle of love.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something in a lighter vein, then funny wedding toppers for the wedding cake can provide a humorous touch and add some fun to the celebrations. These could be anything where the bride may be dragging a reluctant groom or may be reeling him in with a fishing line. Some very charming cake toppers may be based on Disney figures like Mickey and Minnie or two dolls sitting among flowers.

Two doves together would signify eternal love or you may pick up any cake topper that signifies your feelings. Fairy tale figures would also bring out the fairy tale theme of your wedding. If you are having a beach wedding then a palm tree would go very well with the theme of the wedding.

Times are changing and same-sex weddings have gradually become acceptable too. Same-sex wedding cake toppers which show two brides or two grooms would depict your feelings admirably.

Those people who would really like something offbeat can pick up two embracing skeletons or may be two dragons breathing fire or even Dracula, the choice is entirely yours. But unique cake toppers for weddings need to be synchronized with the wedding cake so that it flows with the theme of the cake.

Wedding cake toppers are not just decorations on the top of your wedding cake, they symbolize your love and the combined creativity of the bride and the groom.

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