Apr 24, 2012

5 strange buildings in the world

The building is a man of engineering. But what about the arts? Here's a couple of strange buildings that separates itself from the package.

In my visits I've come across more strange structures which can only ask, "what they were thinking/smoking/try?" for some people, planning a masterpiece and marriage with structural posts are a great way to earn a living.

Don't believe me? Then how can explain the following exotic buildings?

San Francisco furniture House located a little weird building element VI and Howard, since 1997, many furniture run amuck along the sides. Imagine the local artist Brian attached lamps gogin, chairs, tables and even grandfather clock in the air, seemingly from the process of jumping/being thrown out the window. "Divinistrishan," as it demonstrates this fact. A very strange spectacle for observers tossed furniture from the first time, but the fact that the locals don't really respond to this building eerie makes it seem like "furniture jumping from the window" is a very natural ' Cisco.

Crooked House in Poland -you may need to scratch your eyes slightly when you see this wonderful architectural marvel. (And ask yourself, "am I high?") Located at Monte Casino Street, this extension provides Potro to shopping street and refreshing take on buildings. While you might think that this was the LSD-trip-brought to life, "crooked House", in fact referring to the art of out of this world Jan Marcin szancer per wedalbrgh.

The crazy House in Viet Nam -while you're there structures that are typically designed to look "industrial" or "futuristic", there are strange that way "buildings". This maybe thought in mind Dr. Dang Viet Nga when she designed the place. (Not to mention a "external borders" old, old?) Aptly named building is actually Villa, with 10 fully themed rooms. Why not, it seems like this at home!

Hundertwasser building in Austria is located in Darmstadt, built this building similar to slavery FUNHOUSE Friedensreich Hundertwasser paint strange, Austrian architect. This building, called "waldsberali" or "forest spiral" 105 may apartment and wrap around the courtyard with a running stream. Continuous roof mounting, which top part up to the 12th floor, covered with garden, beech trees which may walkikb lime.

Civic Center garage Santa Monica -tribute building weird Christmas lights is apparently already the parking structure for the Santa Monica Civic Center. What makes it so special that it already is on the way to becoming the first LEED certified building. (This is the leadership in energy and environmental design you) being LEED-certified type from a big problem, because if it means that this building was designed with the environment in mind. Covers the surface solar panels to generate clean electricity, also doubles as a shade for vehicles. Insides cleverly designed structure to allow natural light during daytime, and fluorescent lighting uses efficiently when needed.

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