Dec 16, 2011

UFO Seen Clearly Now Action Demo in Russia

UFO Seen Clearly Now Action Demo in Russia
An unknown object or UFO seen passing over the thousands of demonstrators in Moscow, Saturday (10/12).

Amateur footage taken in the Russian capital this weekend to make a number of protesters confusion.
Like most alien sightings, the recording quality of the picture is very simple with different shapes and sizes. 
The plane appeared to have some odd feet and propellers, is very similar to a helicopter.
The witness said sightings of UFOs are seen flying without engine and rotor blade. 

Those who are curious to climb trees to take a closer look mysterious plane approximately 25,000 people who witnessed demonstrators in the Square Bolotnaya.
Michael Cohen, a psychic who is also a writer said of what was seen not long ago, "NASA also recognizes that there is a possibility that alien civilizations can monitor via an unmanned aircraft." 

Could the plane is in the video in Bolotnaya Square, is one of them? "Very likely the aircraft is one of them and the aliens are interested in our political affairs."
Russia has been rocked by protests as a result of the alleged electoral fraud in the award by Vladimir Putin and his party

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