Dec 16, 2011

Robot Robot world's most advanced

Robot Robot world's most advanced -  Technology developed further robot with the ability to mimic human movement (humanoid) are increasingly refined. Not only the movement of humans, pets also replicated with near-native ability. Of course, these robots can not replace human beings or domestic animals, but at least it has proven capable of helping a wide range of jobs usually done by humans and is even able to become entertainers such as dancers.

1. Yume Neko Smile: The robo-cat

Seneng allergic to cats but cat fur? Segatoys have a solution. The Yume Neko Smile ("Dream Cat Smile") is a unique robot cat toys are not as common. The Yume Neko Smile 13 inches tall and weighs 4.5 pounds. Equipped with 5 hidden sensors that react to touch. Yume Neko will not be able to hunt mice but the eyes can blink, move his mouth, his neck, raising her bottom, and lie, and always purr, meow, and try to press his tail, he will be angry and hissing. After left in one moment, just like a real cat, she would fall asleep, started snoring softly and finally quiet in low-power mode. Of course, this cat fur does not smell and does not make allergies.

2. Murataseiko-chan: Robot Bicycle One Wheel

Manufacturers of electronic equipment Murata Manufacturing Co.., Ltd.., Creator of the robot "Murata Boy" is popular, making the robot with the ability to balance self-named "Murata Seiko-chan." Not only balancing himself as backward and forward, but also detect obstacles with the sensors and moving ahead or go around it. Robot with a height of 50 cm and weight of 5 kg is equipped with bluetooth and a camera that sends live video signal.

3. Toyota's Humanoid: robot violinist

Toyota recently introduced a new robot that is able to play the violin. Although the game has not sounded perfect, with a height of 1.5 m robot is capable of playing "Pomp and Circumstance" from Elgar without one.

4. AR: Waiter Robot from Japan

Assistant Robt (AR) Japanese original is pretty tough to do jobs such as washing, ngepel, and cleaning the kitchen. But do not seneng first, the manufacturer says it took one or two decades to mass produce this robot.

5. LandShark: Robot Peace Maker

Robotic missions designed by Black-i Robotics was to world peace - the robot is able to defuse the bomb. The company was founded by Brian Hart maker after he lost his worthy son-son in the Iraq war. This robot is quite complicated and is designed specifically as a bomb disposal and rescue a wounded soldier in the war.

6. Ac-Yut II: Robot Kung-Fu Dancing

AcYut is India's first humanoid robot made in the Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems, BITS Pilani, India. AcYut means "eternal" or "never fail" in Sanskrit. The design of this robot won the bronze medal in the category of middle class in the event Humanoid Robogames 2009 in San Francisco. This robot has a superb balance and loves kung fu. See the video below:

7. EMA: Japanese Robot Can Kissing

EMA (Short for Eternal, Maiden, actualization) is a humanoid robot "hot" first from Japan. Designed by Sega, height 38 cm, the robot chubby who like kissing, singing, and swaying. Using infrared sensors and battery-powered, this little girl will kiss people who are nearby, to be what the designer calls "Love Mode". He also everywhere carry business cards.Cool ...

8. Cockroach robot: Robot Roaches

Maybe plasticity bit disgusting, but these little robots could actually attract other cockroaches, gather a lie undetected.Hoping to further study the behavior of cockroaches, a set of researchers led by Jose Halloy at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, designed small robots is to be like a real cockroach.

9. ASIMO: Humanoid Robot from Honda

Who is not familiar with Honda's robot made this one. Height 130 cm with a weight of 54 kg, the robot is like a small astronaut with a bag on his back and was able to walk like a human being at a speed of 6 km / hour. ASIMO made at Honda's Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center, Japan. Today is the 11th model from the start was made in 1986. ASIMO has the uncanny ability to detect moving objects, recognizing postures and gestures, to recognize the surrounding environment, distinguishing sounds, and recognize faces (up to 10 faces).

10. QRIO: Can Robot Dances

QRIO ("Quest for curiosity") is a bipedal humanoid robot for the show being sold by Sony to follow the success of previous AIBO toy. QRIO is about 60 cm with a weight of 7.3 kg. QRIO is able to recognize voices and faces of other people so that they can remember. QRIO moving at 23 cm / sec and included in the book Guinness World Records (2005 edition) as the first bipedal robot (and fastest) is capable of running. Fourth generation has a battery that can last up to 1 hour. Programmer takes three weeks to program the choreography.

11. Robot Mosquitoes

Here's iunewind's description of Night Watch: "Model of robot mosquito, killer of vampire - real mosquito." Based on That statement, you'd think That Night Watch is going to hunt down real Mosquitoes right?

Well then what do you the make of this line from another image of Night Watch That he posted - and is available for purchase - at deviantart?: "NIGHT FLYING ROBOT BLOODPUMPED VAMPIRE!"

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