Dec 4, 2011

This Household Appliances He Triggers Cancer

This Household Appliances He Triggers Cancer Various home appliances such as glass cleaner, carpet, microwave ovens are a boon to household work. But behind its benefits, a variety of household appliances could save the health threat.

Many of them contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde trigger cancer, nitrobenzene, methylene chloride, and napthelene, as well as reproductive toxins and hormone bullies. There is also a material which causes damage to liver, kidney and brain, allergies and asthma.
The book 'Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic' by Armstrong lists a few appliances and household cleaners are toxic carcinogen laden. Here are 10 of them, as quoted Shine:
1. Air fresheners
Air freshener spray is made ​​from materials napthelene and formaldehyde. Try changing fragrances room with zeolite or natural fragrances of essential oils.
2. Displays
Most of the paintings on display using Epoxy and rubber cement glue, acrylic paints, solvents (paint thinner), and permanent markers that contain carcinogens. If you want to beautify the room, select a display that contain fewer chemicals.
3. Automotive parts
Most automotive parts containing toxins. Keep them out of the house. If not used immediately dispose of the hazardous waste disposal sites.
4. Wax
Avoid artificially scented paraffin candles that produce soot. Better to use bees wax with cotton wick.
5.Pembersih carpet
Usually carpet cleaners used in the dry state contains elements of carcinogens. Use a carpet cleaning liquid from natural ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice mixed with a little soap.
6. Dry-cleaning
Choose clothing that does not require cleaning perchlorethylene. Ask the washing wet, not dry. Or, use a dry cleaning with liquid carbon or citrus cleaners.
7. Pesticides and insect infestation
Avoid using pesticides. Better food store is better to avoid the development of insects and ticks.
8. Paints and varnishes
When painting the house, choose a product that has a low VOC paint or environmentally friendly.
9. Household Pesticides
Use natural pesticides, such as those prepared from garlic and chili or from papaya leaves.
10. Microwave
Do not reheat food in a microwave in plastic containers. Better use of glass containers for microwave. @ Vivanews

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