Dec 9, 2011

Mythology creatures are legendary!

Mythology creatures are legendary! Dragon or a dragon is an animal with the size of a very amazing. They are shaped reptiles and sometimes has some head and can breathe fire. The dragon is believed to conquered through music.Dragon is also touted as a god by some tribes. 


Pegasus is a horse that has a large white wings. In Greek mythology says that Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa when Perseus cut off his head. It also said the Pegasus ridden by Bellerophon to fight the Chimera. Tamed by Bellerophon and serve it on the mountain during his adventures, including when Bellerophon killed Chimera. When Bellerophon wanted Pegasus flew to Mount Olympus, he was struck down by Zeus. But Pegasus continued on and managed to arrive at Mount Olympus. This is where Pegasus spent his days carrying lightning for Zeus. 


Yeti-called Wild Snowmen has become a legend in the Himalayan region. From the beginning until now many stories of people who lost in the mountains of the Himalayas, believed they had been kidnapped by a Yeti. Although many have reported seeing a yeti, there is no evidence that he exists. The area where sightings of the yeti is very steep and sloping so difficult investigation was held. 


Bigfoot has reportedly been found in areas of Canada and North America since the 19th century's.From footprints estimated to weigh around 400 kg.Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch, it is the name of the animal legends circulating in North America.Bigfoot is sometimes characterized characterize very large, with the hairs that cover the entire body, and people believe these creatures can be found all over the world with different names. 


Dracula is a character popularized by Bram Stoker. Dracula is a vampire who likes to tease and suck the blood of an attractive young girl. Count Dracula was born in the 15th century-an in Romania. Dracula's Castle is located in the Carpathian mountains in northern Bucharest. 


Werewolf is basically a man who has the ability to "change form" to the shape of animals, especially to the form of a wolf.Werewolf can change based on his own wishes or encouragement from the outside as well as the full moon. People can be caused by the bite of the Werewolf Werewolf or a derivative of the birth.Werewolf has a very great regeneration, so they do not grow old, but this does not make them immortal. Stab the heart or brain can kill them. 

Loch Ness 

Loch Ness is derived from Scottish legend.Loch Ness is reported that the animals from the age of dinosaurs that survived the explosion of a meteor and is still alive until now. Found in Scotland in 1930, Loch Ness is expected to have a body length of 45 feet with rough skin and dark brown color.Some people believe that Loch Ness is the plesiosaurs, although until now there has been no sufficient evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness. 


Unicorn is a white horse with horns on his head. Unicorn is very masculine but also very feminine. Unicorn also become a symbol of purity and spiritual connection.Unicorn has a great body, larger than normal horse. Unicorn is the only creature that does not scare the man the legend, and is usually described as being smooth.Told very unlikely to catch the unicorn.Horns is said to neutralize poison. Unicorn was first known as the Indus valley civilization (3300-1700SM). 


Phoenix is ​​a bird like a hawk legend but has a bright red like a fire fly in space.Phoenix is ​​called comes from the sun.Phoenix is ​​a bird of fire mythology of ancient Egypt which is described as a bird that died by fire and reborn from the flames. Usually depicted has gold and red feathers. At the end of his life, told Phoenix built a nest of cinnamon twigs which then caught fire. Bird destroyed by fire but then the new, young Phoenix arises from the same fire. Phoenix is ​​believed to be the lifetime of 500-1461 years. Phoenix Tears are believed to cure wounds. 


Cyclops is a member of the human race of ancient giants who have one eye in the middle of his forehead. Cyclops is described as Homer and Hesiod. Based on Hesiod, named Cyclops Brontes, Steropes, and Arges are the children of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (the earth), while based on Homer, the word refers Cyclops son of Poseidon and Thoosa named Polyphemus who was Cyclops . 


Mermaid (or Merman for men) has been discussed since 5000 BC. Even Christopher Columbus said he has seen in his travels. In English fairy tales, they are regarded as a curse or a warning of disaster. 


Described as a giant or a giant monster that has the amazing power and larger size than humans. They appear in the Bible (the story of King David and Goliath). In mythology, they are often portrayed a conflict with the gods and is usually linked with chaos. They appear at the beginning with ancient Greek culture in which they are known by the name of the Gigantes, creatures who were born of Gaia are fertilized with the blood of Uranus when he was castrated. 


Peri is the term often used in folklore, fairy tales, and fiction to describe the creature that has supernatural powers sometimes interfere in human affairs. In Indonesia, the term is often used in translation of fairy figures depicting an elf or fairy (the term in English) in fiction and fairy tales from Europe. In modern fiction, fairy characters are often borrowed from the original version and is used in contemporary fantasy fiction story with many variations depending on the portrayal by the author or creator. 


Elf is a creature born of German mythology.Elves are usually very small human form and usually has the task as a god of fertility.Usually in his portrayal, Elf was a young man or young woman who lives in the beautiful forests and underground. They are described with the privilege of eternal life and the power of magic. 


Ogre is usually described as a giant, evil monsters and such. We usually see a story about the Ogre in the fairy tales and folklore. If in the art world, Ogre illustrated with a large head, long-haired and bearded, greedy, and have a strong body.And the story also they often interfere with humans. 


The figure of this monster turned on by Dr.Victor Frankenstein. A medical student conducting forbidden experiments to prove that humans can be created with a deep understanding of technology and medical science. All started from curiosity, curiosity, and enthusiasm of youth for knowledge.Surprised to see the experiment professors, he was moved to perfect it. Dr. Victor Frankenstein was obsessed with the effort to create a perfect human figure. He also uses the brain organ professor (who had recently died), collecting body parts from a number of bodies that are still new, sew the pieces in one body, and create a creature which he believed would be a perfect human engineering experiments. 


Medusa began life as a girl very fun so make Athena jealous. Medusa's beauty attracted the attention of Poseidon. He seduced Medusa, but unfortunately he did in the temple of Athena. This makes Athena was furious. He then changed the Gorgon Medusa. Since Medusa is actually a man, then he is not immortal. Felt the punishment was not enough, Athena helped Perseus to hunt down and kill Medusa.Ketika Perseus cut off her head, Pegasus and Medusa with Poseidon Chrysaor son revealed. Medusa's blood fell on the Lybian desert and turned into a snake.Later one of these snakes kill Mopsus. 


Samael is one of the seven archangels in the mythology of the spread in the region of ancient Palestine. Samael told as both good and evil angels.The name Samael means "Poison of God". Sometimes Samael is also the title as the Angel of Death. Samael is the ruler of heaven level to 5 and heads the 2 million other angels. Samael live in paradise level to 7.Samael is mentioned as a figure who fought with Jacob, but it also as a figure who held the hand of Abraham to sacrifice his son. In ancient mythology in the Palestine area, before Eve (Eve), Adam had another wife of Lilith. Since the feud with Adam, Lilith banished from the Garden of Eden. Lilith later became the wife of Samael and spawned the forces of Satan. Some sources say that Samael was the original name of Lucifer before he fell to earth. Snake that appears in the Garden of Eden is also the embodiment of Samael, since it apart is described as an angel, she is also often described as a winged serpent. 


Zombie is the name for the undead within the belief system of Voodoo, and African-Caribbean Creole.Zombie is the man with the spirit that has been stolen by supernatural means or shamanic, and was employed as a slave who served in the "zombie master" on the remote plantations. Zombies are more terrifying version and likes to eat humans often appointed as horror fiction. 


In European folklore, fairy or goblin is the supernatural beings. Small size of their bodies and sometimes not visible to the human eye. They are depicted as tiny green creatures and pointy eared. 


Orc is a legendary creature that appears in folklore and fantasy fiction tales as ferocious creatures with human-like posture, sometimes like a giant, his skin is usually green, his face like a pig, monkey or a monster with long fangs, its fierce and savage. The word "orcs" or "Ork" associated with the devil, demon, ogre, an evil race, or monsters. Orc is the enemy of the elves and humans. They were happy to eat meat and sometimes they become a nation of cannibals. 


Gnome is a creature of mythology Europe that has a very small body. Gnome is a fairy land in Europe Mythology. Gnome living in the forests and the creatures living isolated from other creatures. 


Beelzebub is the name of one of the seven kings of hell which is the god who was worshiped in the Philistine city of Ekron. 


Satyr originally seen as a friend goats god in ancient Greek society. The first picture is the male satyrs normal, although often seen with an erect penis. Then coupled with the mythology of Rome which began depicted as half man and half goat. Satyr depicted as mischievous creatures, damaging and dangerous, shy and cowardly. In the past, often they are portrayed to have horns on his head, and the young seem to have many problems. 


Faun, Satyr is very similar, except its more childish and live in the suburbs of Rome, they have a leg of lamb, with a body of men, and the pointed ears. In Roman mythology, Faun live in the jungle interior of the reach of humans. Rome close to the Satyr Faun from Greece, they are wild creatures. Like the Satyr, Faun have horns, but that sets it apart is the Satyr, Satyr has a human foot, while the Faun is owned goats. They also love to dance and drink wine, with a singing Nymph, Faun very close to nature, especially forests. 


In Greek mythology, Nymph is one of the legendary creature in the form of a woman, living in certain places and becoming one with nature. They identified with the fairies, or angels who live in the wild. They are the personification of nature, and the spirit of certain places which can be found in the wild, such as rivers, trees, waterfalls, springs, mountains, and so on. They are divided into several groups according to the place where they could be found. 


Dwarf is a dwarf humans in the Nordic tales and Germany. In mythology, the depiction is apparently self-dwarf-like man, but smaller and shorter. Their long beards and looked older than his size. They live in caves in the mountains or underground. They are able to adapt in the underground environment and be able to see well in the dark. There they dig stuff like mining gold, silver, iron, and so on. 


Lucifer is a name often given to Satan in Christian belief that a particular interpretation of a verse in the Book of Isaiah. More specifically, it is believed that this was the name of the devil before he was cast out of heaven. 


Buraq is the creature that comes from Arabic mythology.Buraq believed to bring the prophet Muhammad migrated from the Masjidil Aqsa Mosque and then fly to the sky to 7 to receive the revelation of Al-Quran holy book in one night.This event is called Isra Mi'raj. Buraq is an animal that looked like a horse. The size is slightly smaller than a horse but bigger than a donkey. Lariannya as fast as lightning. Buraq will lengthen its hind legs when climbing whenever he would lengthen his front leg when he also declined. Move their ears and legs are custom-Buraq. In addition to the apparently beautiful, there are wings on both thighs which helps speed jumps. 


Gargoyle is a carved statue of a monster that is usually outside the building stone.They are used for two purposes, one to frighten and drive out evil things around their buildings and the second to channel water from the roof of the building to the street. Gargoyles are not used to drain water is called Grotesque. Gargoyle comes from the French, the term Gargoyle is more widely used in medieval work, but as time goes by, some consider it merely an interesting water supplier. In Egypt, the Gargoyle is used to discharge water from the cleaning vessel in the holy temple. 


Baphomet is one of the puja, the idol representing Satan Qabalis. These creatures are headed horned goat or goat known as "Mendes", an ancient symbol for Satan. His appearance symbolizes the dark forces are united with the ability to proliferate as well as goats. On the forehead, between the two horns under the torches, the symbol of the pentagram. The bottom of the body covered with black cloth that symbolizes secrecy. Baphomet is described as hermaphrodites creatures with breasts have a symbol of femininity and masculine phallic symbol. The two snakes coiled in the phallus that stands. The snake is also a symbol of Satan. 


Large sea monster shaped like a dragon and usually appears in conjunction with a storm sea. These creatures really dreaded those ancient sailors. 


Mothman is one of a fairly well-known urban legend in the area of ​​Virginia. Mothman is described as a winged creature and height of a man, red-eyed, sometimes appears without a head. First discovered in the graveyard in Virginia in 1926. To this day, the police are still receiving reports of the appearance of Mothman.Who is he? No one knows. In general, there has never been any reports of people being attacked Mothman. 


Sea monster similar to Nessie in Loch Ness lake. The difference, Ogopogo has been found in Lake Okanagan, Canada. Communities recognize this monster called Ogopogo. Legend of Lake Okanagan mysterious creature has been heard his story since 1850, where at the beginning of the year for the first Ogopogo reveal itself to the tourists and locals. Witnesses who saw him said that a creature with a large stature, dark colored and has a long body shape has emerged to the surface of the water and swim down the middle of the lake. 

Argus Panoptes 

Is a male figure who has the eyes of many. At first he is said to have four eyes, but then said to have hundreds of eyes.He narrated and appeared in many many stories of adventure. He killed a bull that mempora havoc on Arcadia.He killed a Satyr for stealing cattle. He killed Echidna. He avenge the death of Apis. Argus was killed by Hermes while he guarded Io for Hera. 


Tengu is a creature of Japanese legend. We are one of the gatekeepers of the mountain which was closely related to hawks or crows. Her dress is similar to that forged yamabushi priest outfit themselves in woods and mountains. Tengu has a long nose, red face, a pair of wings, legs and hands and nails are very long. 


Harpy, in Greek mythology is told that the harpy was a winged animal that has a body like an eagle and a female head. Harpy reputedly liked to steal the dead body, spreading the stench and poison the food in the villages in its path. 


Griffin is a legendary animal that has wings of an eagle and a lion's foot. Known as the biggest bird and a very sacred animal to the god Apollo, and the griffin is also a sun guard animals. These creatures are seen at the time of the Minoan civilization (2700-1450 BC). 


Scylla in Greek legend was a creature that has six heads and 12 legs. Scylla was believed that he was a water witch who later changed into a monster by Circe.Once transformed into a monster, he spent his life to get revenge on a passing sailor at sea. 


Troll comes from Scandinavian legend that says that trolls are the spirits that live in caves in the mountains. At nightfall, they would come out to kidnap women and children. There are two kinds of trolls, Giant-sized giant and dwarf the small size. 


Based on Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed giant dog guarding the entrance to Hades. Cerberus was the son of Typhon and Echidna. In Greek legend says that Orpheus, Aeneas and Odysseus was able to pass Cerberus and into the underworld or Hades. 

Naga / Nagini 

Indonesian people are generally familiar with the so-called Dragon is Dragon. But the Dragon was actually a different mythological creature with the Dragon. Dragon appears in Hindu and Buddhist culture, probably originating from India and the surrounding area. The dragon is a creature half snake, half human, sometimes described as a giant snake. The men called the Dragon, while the female version is called Nagini. Dragons are often regarded as an entity that is evil, but not infrequently also regarded as guardians of the river or lake. 


Ghoul is a monster from ancient Arabian, said the monster is also written in the Quran. Initially regarded as Jin Ghoul, but as time passed, Ghoul more often described as a kind of zombie or a vampire. Ghoul is a creature who lives in the desert and prey on travelers, but it also often damage Ghoul graves and devour the corpse. 


Kirin or Qilin is mahluh half-dragon half-horse, was originally derived from Chinese mythology but spread throughout eastern Asia. Real animals that are considered 'close' Kirin is a giraffe, giraffe reputedly once regarded as Kirin. In Chinese mythology, Kirin is a sacred animal that has good properties, but Kirin could be wild animals and terrible as it is threatened. Kirin is said that only appears in places ruled by good and wise ruler. 


Kraken is a giant submarine that is often described as a squid or a giant octopus who likes to attack the ship. 


Echidna is a creature of Greek mythology, often depicted as half snake woman who lived in the cave. Together with her husband Typhon, Echidna gave birth to various kinds of horrible creatures that appear in Greek mythology, Echidna therefore the title Mother of all Monsters. Echidna and Typhon had fought against the gods of Olympus, but lost.Typhon was later detained under a mountain of Etna. While Echidna and her children are left out to be a challenge for the next greek heroes. But in the end killed by Argus Panoptes Echidnya, hundred-eyed titan. Tragically, almost all children Echidna killed by the heroes of Greece. 


In Greek mythology, the Minotaur had a bull's upper body and lower body human. Minotaur is said to live in the middle of the street maze of complex buildings such as the construction of King Minos of Crete. Designed by Daedalus and known to be at the site of Knossos. Minotaur brief look at the scenes of Satyricon by Petronius. And killed by Theseus. 


Gorgon is a woman with bad teeth as a live snake fangs and hair replacement. It is said that if people see the face of the Gorgon then it will turn into stone. Possible the most famous Gorgon Medusa was the only woman among the greatest in the 3 brothers (the other is Stheno and Euryale). Because the huge Medusa, Perseus could only kill him by cutting his head as he saw his own reflection in the shield of Perseus. Greek Gorgon picture used to describe the crime. 


Banshee comes from Irish mythology and commonly known as female spirits. They are regarded as the angel of death and is believed to come from another world. They are usually known as part of an ancient Celtic pagan religion, which they are subordinate to God. In England they are known as nymphs. According to legend, the banshee will wander outside the home while wailing in the house if someone was going to die. 


Bred by Typhoeus and Echidna, Chimera has three heads, namely lion, goat and serpent. Her body is also a mixture with the front of the lion's body, the middle a goat, and serpent to its tail. He issued a fire-breathing. He ravaged Lycia, killing cattle and burned until he was killed by Bellerophon. 


Hecantoncheires means "hundred hands".They're huge, have 50 heads and a hundred hands that have great strength. There are 3 of these creatures are: Briareus also called Aegaeon, Cottus, and Gyges also called Gyes. They were born of Gaia and Uranus.Because of their poor relationship with Uranus, Uranus then they were forced to return to the womb of Gaia. This led the revolt against Uranus Gaia. When Cronus has the power, he imprisoned them in Tartarus. They were released by Zeus and fought with Zeus against the Titans. They can throw stones huge 100 times more than his opponent.One of them, Briareus be guardians of Zeus. 


Sirens are sisters that lure fishermen to death. Song of the Siren is very interesting and can not be denied, but they were headed to the rocks that eventually destroyed their boat when they tried to reach the Siren. 


Chrysaor is the brother of Pegasus. Little is known of Chrysaor but then he was known as strong-hearted warrior and valiant. Its name means the sword of gold. He fathered Geryon. His appearance is not known, but based on the story, he does not look like in general. He was the possibility of a giant. 


Hidra the myths of ancient Greece. This monster-shaped snake or dragon fruit, which has nine heads. Every one of his head cut off, then the head will grow and form two new heads. It is said that Heracles had defeated the Hydra. Heracles burned 8 of 9 head, before burying his head the last one (the eternal) under a rock. 


Dryad is a legendary creature from Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, Dryad is a creature, or a kind of fairies, who inhabit plants, tangible woman. In Greek terms are similar, drys, meaning oak tree.From this word arose the understanding of the Dryad Nymph who lives in plants. The term is often used to refer to the Nymph who live in trees in general. Dryad characters from Greek mythology appear in the story of fantasy The Chronicles of Narnia as an intangible spirit of a woman who comes from trees. 


In Greek mythology, the centaur is a legendary creature, a creature half-man half-beast who depicted human form from head to waist but tangible body parts down a horse. Centaur appear individually or in groups in the stories of ancient Greece, as in the story of abduction by Nessus and Deianira Pirithous tale marriage. Individual who is a famous centaur Nessus, Khiron, Folus, Eurition. Everything appears in the stories of Heracles. 


Undine is a water nymph in European mythology. Usually found in lakes or rivers that are still clear. Have a beautiful voice that is often heard in conjunction with the sound of water. According to the story, Undine can not have a soul before marrying a man's man. Because of this aspect of Undine often used as the theme for the work of tragedy and romance. 


Wyvern is a winged reptile that has two legs and wings that thorn in his form as a creature from hell. 


Sleipnir is described as an eight-legged horse. Sleipnir is gray, and is the son of Loki, who married the horse Svaðilfari. 


Djinn comes from Persian mythology and has a variety of names such as Djinn, Genie, and Jinne. Djinn is formed from a fire that emerged from the smoke to the person who called them. Djinn has the power to transform into any shape and grant the request. If not controlled, the Djinn will kill them in order to obtain the freedom of the caller. 


Kelpies is a cruel spirit water that comes from the Scottish coast. Frequently seen form of the horse. But also sometimes appear shaped like an old man or a handsome man. It usually appears in the form of a black horse with silky fur and bright eyes. kelpies also appeared in the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men and then kidnap and eat them. 


Dullahan is kind of evil spirit. Usually seen riding a black horse and carrying his head under one arm. Large eyes as her mouth continued to smile until it touches both sides of the head. His head was said to have a color like moldy cheese. Dullahan whip comes from the backbone of the corpse. Dullahan stop where someone who will die. When the man had called his name, was also the person died. 


This monster came from northern Europe, half and half Ogre Troll, he lived in the swamps north of Europe with his mother until he was killed by Beowulf. Grendel one form of antagonistic besides his mother and the dragon, because in the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Grendel is feared by all, except by Beowulf. Grendel is described as a giant, ugly, rude and violent, he was happy to ruin the party man. 

Evil spirit 

Ifrit is a kind of Jinn mentioned in the Koran.In the story of non-Muslims, evil spirit is described as a winged female creature of fire or any man who lives in the underground ruins. 

Selkies are mythological creatures found in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish and Scottish. They can change their skin from seals to humans. The legend originated in the Orkney and Shetland Islands. 


Tiamat is a monster / goddess in Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, and a leading figure in the creation story Enuma Elish.however, Tiamat is described as five-headed dragon in some games. 


Typhos is the last child of Gaia, Goddess of the Earth. Typhon has a tail of a snake, a hundred heads that resemble a snake with twinkling eyes, jet-black tongue. Each head of Typhon took out the terrible sounds that meet ditambah bushy hair on his head and his body covered with feathers disgusting. Hence the gods fled in fear when he saw Typhon, and Typhon fighting Zeus was at that time.Hatred of Zeus began because her mother, Gaia told Zeus against Typhon how the other children. Typhon finally fight but he finally defeated and Zeus imprisoned on an island and the volcano is still active until the present.


Giant snake which is the middle child of the couple as well Angrboda brother Loki and Fenrir and Hel. In mythology, Odin is mentioned when throwing three children Loki, Jormungand thrown into the sea and Midgard or the human world. From there he earned the nickname Midgardsormr which means a giant snake wrapped around Midgard. Thor is the main enemy. 

Nemean Lion 

Savage monsters of Greek mythology that lived in Nemea. Is the offspring of Typhon and Echidna, but other sources say that this lion fell from the moon and is the son of Zeus and Selene or also offspring of Chimera.Have skin that is very hard and there is no weapon that can penetrate it. Hercules killing these creatures in a way to strangle him, then he skinned it using its own claws. Since that time the skin is identical with the Nemean Lion Hercules. 

The Havmand 

Havmand is a mermaid man in the story of Scotland. The top is a handsome young man with long, black or green, while the bottom fish. His name means Man of the Spring.Also there are other creatures named Havfrue the blond and is the brother of Havmand. Depending on the situation, Havmand can be cruel or kind. Have the power to meprediksikan important events. 


SYLPH is a fairy hand in European mythology. It comes in the form of a winged man or woman and are so small. SYLPH said to symbolize harmony and balance. SYLPH really like to play in nature by insects and slept on the flowers. 

Mares of Diomedes 

Also known by the name of the Mares of Thrace, a four man-eating horses. Amazing, wild and uncontrollable they are owned by the giant Diomedes, in addition, they also mentioned a breath of fire.Bucephalus, the horse of Alexander the Great referred to as the descendants of these horses. 


Siren of Mythology Inuit in North America. Aulanerk is a kind-hearted fairy who likes to help the sailors by providing calm waters and strong winds for sailing. Shaped like a human. The waves are said to occur when they swim and play under the sea. 


Monster dragon comes from the legend of Finnish in Sweden.This monster is the embodiment of evil. He is a snake-eating, causing the development of pestilence in Europe. Many of them think he was closely associated with Aitvaras and Lithuania. 


Nidhog or Niohoggr in Norse mythology is the great dragon that has the grip off and eat the human body. 


This creature is a monster in the legends of Central America. His face was like a human ape with long arms up to the tail. la adalah makhluk yang sangat menakutkan karena memiliki mara yang seram, kuku dan gigi yang tajam. la juga pemangsa daging manusia. Sebagai makhluk air, dengan tangan dan ekornya ia bisa menyergap nelayan atau orang-orang yang sedang bcrada di tepian. Kadang-kadang ia m.enangis untuk menarik perhatian, dan ketika orang datang menghampirinya, ia menyergap dengan cepat dan memangsanya. 


Dalam legenda abad pertengahan di Barat, succubus adalah setan yang mengambil bentuk wanita cantik untuk merayu laki-laki dalam mimpi untuk melakukan hubungan seksual. Mereka mengambil energi dari laki-laki untuk bertahan, sampai titik kelelahan atau kematian korban. 


Raven karakter umum dalam kisah-kisah tradisional dan mitologi di seluruh dunia, khususnya bagian dari Amerika Utara, Siberia, dan mitologi Nordik. Raven digambarkan sebagai seorang manusia yang mempunyai sayap hitam seperti gagak. Selain sebagai semangat, gagak dalam mitologi sering digambarkan sebagai penipu, atau bahkan sebagai pencipta manusia. 


Achepali adalah mahluk yang begitu menyerupai manusia, dengan tubuh, kaki dan tangan yang sama persis, namun satu hal yang membedakannya, wajahnya yang terletak bukan di kepala, karena Achepali tidak memiliki kepala, maka wajah itu menempel pada tubuhnya, di tengah-tengah antara dada dan perut. Achepali juga mempunyai nama lainnya, yaitu Blemmys, yang berasal dari bahasa latin Blemmyae, adalah mahluk legendaris yang hidup di daratan Afrika, Nubia, Kush atau Ethiopia, dan umumnya ada di bagian selatan Mesir. 


Afrit adalah salah jenis Jin yang sangat kuat, seperti semua Jin yang berasal dari negeri Arab, mereka bisa berubah menjadi seperti apapun yang mereka inginkan, dan Afrit juga salah satu jenis Jin yang kejam. Mereka lebih sering berubah menjadi raksasa atau mahluk-mahluk yang mengerikan, kekuatan yang besar membuatnya dengan mudah melaksanakan tugas-tugas dari Tuannya. 


Hippogriff atau Hippogryph bisa disebut sebagai mahluk yang lahir dari gabungan kuda betina dan Griffin, mereka memiliki kepala dan kaki depan elang dengan tubuh bagian belakang dan kaki kuda. Hippogriff hanya bisa ditemukan di dataran tinggi pegunungan utara, wilayah dimana hanya ada es dan salju. Hippogriff terlihat lebih jinak daripada Griffin, di beberapa legenda abad pertengahan, ketika mahluk fantastis ini tampil, biasanya merupakan piaraan dari ksatria atau penyihir, karena mereka merupakan tunggangan yang sempurna. 


Imp adalah mahluk yang sangat kuno, mereka digambarkan kecil seperti bayi dengan tanduk dan sayap, suka membuat kekacauan dan sangat nakal. Dalam mitologi, Imp bisa disamakan seperti Peri atau Iblis, tergantung darimana cerita rakyat itu berasal. Imp adalah nama yang sangat tidak asing untuk Roh yang melayani penyihir dalam abad pertengahan, biasanya Imp ada di dalam artifak atau benda-benda yang penyihir itu inginkan, agar benda biasa itu menjadi lebih berguna atau bisa disebut ajaib. 

El Chupacabra 

Istilah Chupacabra pertama kali digunakan oleh seorang komedian Puerto Rico bernama Silverio Perez. Ia merujuk kepada kata bahasa Spanyol Chupar yang berarti menghisap dan cabra yang berarti kambing. Sebutan itu datang karena ternak yang terbunuh dan dihisap darahnya kebanyakan adalah kambing. Pada Juli 2004, seorang peternak di San Antonio, Texas melaporkan adanya makhluk menyerupai anjing yang menyerang ternaknya. Ia menyebut pembunuh tersebut “Makhluk Elmendorf”. Namun Analisa DNA yang dilakukan Universitas California menyimpulkan bahwa hewan tersebut adalah seekor Coyote (anjing liar) dengan penyakit Kurap yang parah. Di Coleman, Texas, seorang peternak bernama Reggie Lagow melihat seekor hewan menyerang ternaknya, dan ia mengatakan bahwa hewan tersebut menyerupai campuran antara anjing yang tidak berbulu, tikus dan kanguru. 


Mitologi garuda berasal dari kebudayaan Hindu. Garuda digambarkan sebagai manusia burung dengan bulu keemasan, dan memiliki mahkota di kepalanya. Konon ukuran tubuh garuda sangatlah besar sehingga mampu menutupi matahari. Garuda juga sering digambarkan sebagai kendaraan Vishnu. Menurut Mahabarata, konon saat Garuda lahir dari telurnya, bumi gonjang-ganjing sehingga para dewa memohon padanya untuk tenang. Garuda adalah anak Kasyapa dan Vinata. Vinata memiliki hutang terhadap Kadru, ibu para ular karena suatu pertaruhan. Untuk menghapus hutang tersebut, Garuda diminta Kadru untuk memberikan obat keabadian yang disebut Amrita. 


Beberapa tahun lalu, sekitar akhir tahun 1997, tiba-tiba saja ada “makhluk” misterius yang jadi pembicaraan. Perawakannya kecil dengan tubuh tak lebih dari 12 cm dan rambutnya yang panjang, jarang dan kaku melewati kaki. Makhluk itu dinamakan jenglot. Kabarnya, jenglot itu bukan benda mati. Konon ia hidup, namun tak ada yang pernah tahu kapan bergerak. Konon, makhluk misterius itu selalu menghabiskan darah manusia yang dicampur minyak japaron. Namun sekali lagi, tak ada yang tahu kapan ia menenggaknya. Jenglot pada masa ribuan tahun lalu adalah manusia (seorang pertapa) yang tengah mempelajari ilmu Bethara Karang. Ilmu Bethara Karang diyakini sebagai ilmu keabadian. Artinya, setiap orang yang memiliki ilmu tersebut akan hidup abadi di dunia. Namun, akibat kutukan, jasad jenglot tidak diterima di dunia sedangkan rohnya tidak diterima di akherat. Maka roh tersebut seperti terpenjara dalam jasad kecil ini. Setelah itu, sang pertapa menjadi emosional dan merasa sebagai jawara. Tak pelak, tubuhnya pun menyusut, hingga akhirnya mengecil. Empat taring kemudian tumbuh memanjang, tak sebanding dengan lebar mulutnya. Katanya, itu sebagai lambang keganasan dan sifat liar sang “monster”. 

Leak Bali 

In Balinese mythology, Leak is a wicked witch. “Le” artinya penyihir dan “ak” artinya jahat. Leak hanya bisa dilihat di malam hari oleh para dukun pemburu leak. In daylight he looks like a human being, while at night he was in the cemetery to look for organs in the human body uses to make magic potions. Ramuan sihir itu dapat mengubah bentuk leak menjadi seekor harimau, kera, babi atau menjadi seperti Rangda. If necessary he can also take organs from living people. Diceritakan juga bahwa Leak dapat berupa kepala manusia dengan organ-organ yang masih menggantung di kepala tersebut. Leak dikatakan dapat terbang untuk mencari wanita hamil, untuk kemudian menghisap darah si bayi yang masih di kandungan. Ada tiga leak yang terkenal. Dua di antaranya perempuan dan satu laki-laki. Menurut kepercayaan orang Bali, Leak adalah manusia biasa yang mempraktekkan sihir jahat dan membutuhkan darah embrio agar dapat hidup. Dikatakan juga bahwa Leak dapat mengubah diri menjadi babi atau bola api, sedangkan bentuk Leak yang sesungguhnya memiliki lidah yang panjang dan gigi yang tajam. Beberapa orang mengatakan bahwa sihir Leak hanya berfungsi di pulau Bali, sehingga Leak hanya ditemukan di Bali.

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