Dec 9, 2011

Acts About 12 zodiacal

Acts About 12 zodiacal
1. Capricorn 

According to Greek mythology, the goat is used as a symbol of the zodiac is indeed a real goat. His name Amaltheus. Goat milk is never given to the god Zeus, when the supreme deity of the ancient Greeks it was a baby, and her mother are in a cave hidden for fear of being eaten his father who named Chronoos malignant. Because these services, the goat was then taken up into heaven, provided light. And be a star. 

2. Aquarius 

Symbolized by a handsome young man who was pouring water from a large jar. Who is this handsome guy? it was he who named Ganimedes, most faithful servant of Zeus. His job was to bring drinks god's greatest Greeks. 

3. Pisces 

Symbolized by two fish. Both of these fish have helped the goddess Venus (goddess of beauty) and the god Mars (the god of war) to the river Euphrates, their time in the chase by Typhon. 

4. Arie's 

Symbolized by a lamb. Lamb is not just any sheep. This furry golden sheep. He was sacrificed as an offering to the supreme god, Zeus was pleased to receive it. And he also made the stars. 

5. Taurus 

Symbolized by the bull. Taurus comes from the word meaning Taureau bull.This cow is the incarnation of the god Zeus (Jupiter). Perhaps the story, the god Zeus was most like the same beautiful girls. He is also known as the god of the most wives. So, when he saw the beauty of European women, the matchless beautiful, so kesemsemnya, he transformed himself into a bull in order to kidnap the daughter of Europe. 

6. Gemini 

Denoted by a pair of two twins. They are the sons of the god Zeus. Both of these twins named Castor and Polux. 

7. Cancer 

Symbolized by the crab. Is the incarnation of the serpent named Hydra. These snakes sent by Juno to fight Hercules (known youth strong and brave). Snakes sent by Juno proved to be extremely toxic and has a lot of heads. When his head slashed by Hercules, it will grow again. Hercules cleverly burnt the snake's neck.Then drop it a history of the snake. Then the snake was used as a star. Killing snakes is one of the 12 tasks of Hercules are very heavy. 

8. Leo 

Symbolized by the lion. This lion is one of the 12 tasks of Hercules are very popular. This lion is the most ferocious lion that must be conquered. 

9. Virgo 

Symbol is a very beautiful daughter. This is the incarnation of Princess Astrea's daughter who lived in an age of gold. At that time, he came down from heaven to earth, but he did not stay on earth because they do not stand the sight of suffering and evil that humans do on earth. So he returned to the sky and became stars. The Greeks divided it into 4 age, namely age of gold, silver, bronze and iron. 

10. Libra 

Symbolized by the balance or scales. Is the symbol of justice. Princess is the daughter of the master justice Justicia. Its origin is not known with certainty. 

11. Scorpio 

Symbol is a scorpion. Origins have a very interesting, that is, there love in terms of four between Orion (a handsome young man), Diana (goddess of the moon), Venus (goddess of beauty) and Aurora (goddess of dawn). Because of his good looks Orion, he loved three beautiful girls at once. Due to the two jealous rivals, Diana sent a scorpion to Orion. Scorpion bite him to death. Diana regret for his actions and pleaded with the god Zeus to become stars of Orion. Because he is innocent, then the god Zeus made him a star in the constellation Scorpio. 

12. Sagittarius 

Symbol is the horse-bodied creatures, headed man who was archery. This creature named Centaurus. Centaurus is actually the monsters, the enemies of the gods and humans, except Centaurus named Chyron is a friend and teacher of gods and humans. He teaches how to use guns and archery as well.Because these services he was made a star.

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