Dec 26, 2012

You Must Have A Unique Selling Proposition For Your Business To Succeed

You start an online business with your newly created or acquired product. You build a good website and you do good advertising.

Congratulations! You have a decent amount of visitors.

You cannot hide your enthusiasm. The sales would just follow.

But they do not.

You check your stats daily.

You try to compare conversion rates and think, "Sales should have happened by now". You may have occasional sales but to make that a regular occurrence you need to build an element in your business

Unique Selling Proposition

Unique selling proposition tells your customer why he should buy from you rather than other folks who are selling. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is your product's most powerful benefit, combined with unique aspect of your business.

A lot of things can be made USP from "cheap price" to "good after services". What you are going to make yours depends on the product, your competitions and their USPs and what you can afford to do as USP. But I can help you with few things which are required to create a USP.

What is your product and what does it do?

Write all the features of your products and the benefit that it would impart.

What is the benefit to your customer?

How does your product improves life of your customer. Does it help him saving his time or work faster or improve his relations, help him earning money and so on. You can write these as they strike your mind.

What is unique about your product?

Why should a customer buy your product over the hordes of similar products. Remember! If your product does not have a competition then the product itself becomes a USP of your business until competition develops.

What is unique about you?

It would appear difficult to answer this question at first. But you must diligently work on this till you are able to find or produce a good answer. Your experience, your reputation, your integrity, your support service etc. List the things that you think you are good at. There should be a strong and convincing reason so that your customers decide to buy from you.

Choose the best feature in each category. Combine the three into one phrase.

Congratulations! You have a USP.

Crafting a USP is not a easy job. Most of internet marketers who have " me too" websites would find their situation similar to what we imagined in first para. As you work towards your USP it would also improve your focus and your vision about your own business. So! If you have not worked upon it till now, start searching for it.

Arun Pal Singh is an internet marketing consultant and web author who runs website to help online entrepreneurs with information and ready made products.

Visit to find how his information can provide the leverage that your business needs to grow and expand.

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