Dec 1, 2012

What Makes You Unique (Alter Your Uniqueness and Be an Elite Person)

For being unique, there are no hard rules to follow. It depends upon our society, culture, acquaintances, and many other things.

In a situation, when an individual decides on anything, his decision is affected by many thoughts; before making any decision, our mind takes many things into consideration intentionally and unintentionally.

Here are some tips which can make you a unique individual.

1. Brand yourself through your signature style.

Have you identified your signature style yet? Are you engaging, entertaining, moving, intense, funny, bold, serene, boring, or threatening? If not, then find out!

Your signature style gives a brand to your personality, by which you are known or achieve popularity amongst your circle.

Don't rush after things that you don't have in yourself, just try to find your main strength. It's extremely important to know what it is, that comes from inside of you. Then, you have to work on it, improve your signature style day by day and start winning compliments for that. Plus, It becomes a great reason for people to prompt up your name in their discussions, because it makes you unique amongst your friends.

For example, if a person feels he is entertaining, he should work on his ability to entertain people, explore new ways, and get even better at it. His personality will then be branded by his signature style in everyone's mind, people will have a reason to talk about him, and he will have something in him to be talked about.

2. Have life experiences by travelling.

Travelling is one of the best ways to explore your uniqueness and influence people. You will probably notice that you and your friends are mostly alike; you have the same style, you are interested in the same topics, so on and so forth. But when you travel, you meet people with different backgrounds and different perspectives on mostly everything, it helps you to understand how unique you are from the rest of the people; it also lets you explore the things which you can never understand by remaining in your social circle.

Travelling allows you to spend time with yourself, explore your strengths and weaknesses. Visiting different places provides you a remarkable opportunity to know the diversity with which the world is filled.

An unfamiliar environment gives you a feeling of mystery to know more about it, and when you share your experiences and deliver this mystery to others, you can win the attention of any audience around you.

Meeting people unlike oneself does not enlarge one's outlook; it only confirms one's idea that one is unique. ~ Elizabeth Bowen

3. Be artistic... Learn to play a musical instrument.

Playing music itself is a fantastic way of expressing your uniqueness. Someone who is attached to the arts in any way is always unique; it gives a sense of achievement to the person, which leads to confidence.

Being attached to music and arts gifts with some great attributes; when you start playing a musical instrument and get better at it, your hand coordination gets improved, and similarly, your body language gets better and better.

Playing a musical instrument gives you multiple feelings, like, a sense of completion, a sense of achievement, relaxation, confidence etc., And that adds great value to your charisma level, which every other person does not have; you start to look unique in your social circle.

It's not as difficult and engaging as one feels, prefer it as your hobby; choose an instrument which suites you the most, then start learning it first, you can learn it easily at your home through your computer too; as soon as you start learning it, you will feel the change it brings to your personality.

4. Be an elite person.

Being an elite person is greatly important for various reasons, it helps you to make connections with people, it can warm things up in your love life, it increases your popularity, and it brings an authoritative, charismatic and influential person out of you.

If you want to be an elite person, then there is work to do, you need to learn and adopt the common practices of elite people. People are most likely to find a person unique and attractive if they are fully living and expressing their core values.

Elite people have vision, they create their own goals and virtues, because we only strive and do better when we have something to look forward to. Create your own goals and have a vision, and if you do not create them, someone else will create them and who knows where that will lead you.

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