Dec 20, 2012

Unique Wedding Gifts

There is a fine line between a wedding gift and a unique wedding gift. A wedding gift may just be ordinary and unforgettable; you know, the one that the couple just opens and then puts aside later. A unique wedding gift, on the other hand, is something that the couple will be delighted to have and keep for the rest of their married life.

Now which kind of gift would you prefer giving to a bride and groom? The boring one or the interesting one? Of course, you would surely prefer to give a unique gift, right? In this article you will find some ideas for unique gifts so you better finish reading this article until the very end.

Graffiti Platters

You can ditch the cheesy Hallmark wedding greeting card and opt to use a more unique way of pouring out your greetings and sentiments to a newly-married couple. You can buy a platter (most preferably a white-colored one) and then you can write your message in the platter. If you want, you can also write a bunch of famous love quotes on the platter so that the couple can display it in their bedroom or hang it on their wall.

Photo Quilts

Making a traditional quilt can be quite difficult and time consuming, but with a few modifications and some help from technology and modern gadgets, making a quilt with photographs of the couple will surely be a breeze!

Paintings And Other Artworks

One famous line says that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever". A work of art is sure to be a thing of beauty that's why if you opt to give the bride and groom an artwork or a masterpiece, they would surely remember it and treasure it for the rest of their lives.

If you are good in painting, you could make a painting out of a photograph of the couple. An oil painting would be nice and elegant, while a charcoal sketch can give off that casual yet classic look. However, if you don't really have the talent to paint, draw or sketch a decent picture of the bride and groom, you can always ask for the services of professional painters or artists at a reasonable price.


The above mentioned suggestions are just few of the millions of unique gift ideas in the world. You can even think up your very own wedding gift to make it more unique and original.

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